Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Now and then

I haven’t been in the UK since 1990. A lot of things changed and changed almost completely. The UK was always a multi-cultural country but sixteen ago British culture was a part of this “multi”. How ironic! British women spent hundred of years fighting for equality but today they see hundreds of creatures completely clad in black sacks who are treated as house animals by their husbands.

What is even more striking – everyone I know realizes how many problems the “multi-culture” brings but don’t say it aloud. That’s not PC. It reminds me of the Soviet times when everyone understood total imbecility of Soviet propaganda but could discuss it only among friends at kitchen tables. The kitchen table discussions are back in the UK. Is there any political party in the UK that actually voices evident concerns are “multi-culturalism”? There are more and more people on British soil that sincerely hate British culture and British life-styles. What would it lead to?

Some other observations. British kids became very unruly. Women started drinking like men. Much more litter on the streets. Hobos have much fewer teeth.

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Right Way

On the arrow, "The Right Way"
Bear, "I'd better go my own way"