Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Who poisoned Yushchenko?

Who was interested in poisoning Yushchenko? This is the wrong question. An interest in poisoning Yushchenko can only have some kind of a manic who finds special pleasure in poisoning people. The better question is ‘Who was interested in poisoning Yushchenko to death?’ This way we can speculate about motives of Kuchma or Yanukovich or Putin but again this question is not quite correct. It’s not correct to ask it first because Yushchenko is not dead but alive.
When we try to think logically we should start from the status quo. Today the President of Ukraine is an ill and suffering from poison man who most probably would spend months in different European and American clinic. This way the first question should be: “Who was interested to make Yushchenko an ill and physically weak person?” And only when we find no reasonable answers to this question can we say: “What if the aim of poisoning was not making Yushchenko sick? What if conspirators wanted to kill Yushchenko but he survived? Who was interested in his death?”
As far as I can see all journalists, politicians, analysts and experts ask only the second question and give no attention to the first one as if there could be absolutely no people interested in weak but alive President. The answer is simple – it’s Yulia Timoshenko. She already gained a lot from Yushchenko sickness and she will definitely gain much more:
1. Poisoning made Yushchenko a martyr and helped him get more votes.
2. Poisoning made Yushchenko weak and he had to rely on Timoshenko who made most important decisions during the election campaign.
3. Timoshenko became a VP and with a wick and sick President she gets all the presidential powers while the President himself will spend months abroad.
Yulia Timoshenko already showed that she doesn’t like to be anyone’s sidekick. She will not be satisfied until she gets all the power.


RuKsaK said...

A very interesting theory on a very interesting woman. Yushchenko's poisoner is unliekyl to be caught - someone else will be for this crime as is so often in Russian political circles.

Very interesting blog by the way and so have blogmarked you.

Konstantin said...

Not quite a theory. Just an attempt to look at the problem at a different angle. It's quite possible that Yushchenko was poisoned by his enemies but the idea that that was done by his "friends" is also possible as one can see.

Anonymous said...


I read in my university newspaper last week that the best way to help Yushchenko is to actually do a full-body liposuction so that the dioxin does not get back to the blood but can be directly removed from the skin. By doing so he should have a fair chance of recovering and be the president of his country.


D-Thinker said...

First russian blog i have seen, i live in the u.k : i do use russian mp3 sites, because they are so good.

injinuity said...

1. yushcenko is still alive.
2. It would have taken a hell lot of dioxins to actually kill a person.
3. The poisoning got him sympathy votes.
4. If putin wanted him dead, he would be dead.
5. he is the president now.

If you are to think logically, the chances of his own partymen poisoning him cannot be dismissed.

Patrick said...

Sorry but your theory or idea is lacking common sense and logic. You say it is possible that Yulia Timoshenko poisoned Yushchenko.

It is known that Yushchenko was poison BEFORE the voting of the first election. Timoshenko was and is not now a strong enough candidate to have received her appointment without an ally such as Yushchenko. Why would she poison him before the election (which she had no chance of winning herself) and use a poison that no one knows what the lethal dosage is? If Yushchenko died before the election or was so sick he could no longer campaign Timoshenko has no road to power.

And I don't understand your comments. Your first two lines say this ;

"Who was interested in poisoning Yushchenko? This is the wrong question."

And then you proceed to explain your theory that it might have been Timoshenko that was interested and why. Your theory and the way you have presented make no sense.

It is obvious who poisoned Yushchenko and that is his opponents in the election which was Yanukovich and the old guard. Because it is the massive dosage of an almost undetectable poison which is the largest clue, it was intended to kill and if it did not kill then to deeply maim, either outcome acheiving the same result that Yushchenko would be out of the election. Without such an opponent as Yushchenko then Yanukovich rides safely to power. If the election had been Yanukovich vs. Timoshenko it would have been no contest and would not have required the massive election fraud for Yanukovich to win. Timoshenko had every motivation to have a strong and healthy Yushchenko during the campaign and on the election day.

Konstantin said...

Patrick, thank you again for commenting. I just don't understand why are you so hostile? There is nothing in the post that contradicts your ideas. I just asked you to look at the problem from another angle. You did and came to the conclusion that Timoshenko couldn't poison Yeshchenko. Ok. Then you become mad and hostile. "Your theory makes no sense". What theory? The theory that before jumping to conclusions you have, first, to THINK. And second, to stop pinning labels on people you didn't understand.

Anonymous said...

I do not want to speak for Patrick but I feel he was not hostile toward your comments but rather the thought (or lack there of) behind them. I feel very much as Patrick does. It would make very little sense for Timoshenko to poison Yushchenko in the way he was poisoned.
I believe the point of view you expressed is driven by your own bias of the situation and has nothing to do with the facts surrounding the poisoning.
This sounds a lot like Syrias contention that Hariri was murdered by Americans?!?!