Thursday, July 28, 2005

Russian Jokes

When Russia decided to use disposable descent vehicles, America decided to use disposable astronauts.

A week ago traces of cocaine were found everywhere in the building of the European Parlaiment. In the meanwhile European MP's suddenly discovered that they banned all borders, introduced new currency and almost agreed on a new constitution.

"Euthanasia Made Easy" Store in London. New merchandise - a sack with an inscription "My name is Ahmed and I'm a bombist".

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Anonymous said...

very interresting...

Anonymous said...

What is interesting?
I supposed that nothing:)
Especially for russian guys

Fabrizio said...

Well, in Italy two years ago they caught red-handed a collaborator of one of Berlusconi's government ministers, as he was delivering him (the minister) cocaine! He was entering the ministry building carrying the stuff, all careless and casual. Of course he was released in a short time.

Anonymous said...

Relayed the "very dark humor" disposable American astronauts joke to some friends. They said, yes and Russia has gone in for disposable submariners.

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