Monday, August 22, 2005

Russian and Western Nature

VTsIOM conducted a public opinion poll asking 1600 Russians from all over the country what they think are the best and the worst traces of Russian national character. It turned out that Russians think their best sides of nature are:
1. Kindness and honesty – 43%
2. Generosity – 26%
3. Comradeship – 13%
4. Tolerance – 12%
The worst traces of Russian character are:
1. Alcoholism – 43%
2. Laziness and inactivity – 23%
3. Rudeness – 11%
4. Crudeness – 11%
5. Irresponsibility – 9%
The same respondents were also asked a question what they think are the best and the worst traces of character of an average Westerner (a person from Europe or the US). Only 49% of respondents had any opinion on this matter. Among those who had an opinion thought that the best sides of Western nature are:
1. Efficiency – 16%
2. Responsibility – 10%
3. Respect to the law – 9%
4. Purposefulness – 8%
The worst sides of Western character are:
1. Cupidity – 15%
2. Haughtiness and arrogance – 10%
3. Prudence and selfishness – 7%
4. Heartlessness and lack of spirituality – 5%


Anonymous said...

Well, with the Russian attitude towards all that's different from what they think is a norm, don't think they can claim tolerance as their virtue. If you are black, you will hear that you are black 20 times a day. May be you meant patience? That I can agree with.

Oscar Sin Nick said...

I am starting to find out how the russians are now that I am married with a belarussian woman.
I know she is not strictly russian, but she has family in Russia.
Anyway, I think that here in Western Europe (I am spanish) we don?t know too much about you, and the same thing happens to you about us.

I like your culture, your education, your conversation... I like the russians (and the ex-soviets). It will take time until both sides meet each other.

Meanwhile both, you and us, have to open your minds and let each other show what is inside.

Anonymous said...

Cupidity? I'd like to know what Russian term was used - алчность, жадность; скаредность, скупость?

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