Tuesday, February 06, 2007

On Economic Freedom

Andy from Siberian Light posted some very interesting statistics from Index of Economic Freedom 2007 compiled by Heritage Foundation. According to the index Russia is #120 among 157 rated countries while other post-Soviet countries are mostly doing much better. For example, Kazakhstan is #75 and Georgia is #35.

Andy is at a loss
I’ve been racking my brains to think of something positive to say about this for Russia, and about the only thing I can think of is: if Russia has the world’s 10th largest economy, but is this unfree… imagine what it could do if it took deregulation seriously.

I decided to dig a bit deeper into the index because I know well how the economy of Kazakhstan works and I don’t find any serious differences between Kazakhstan and Russia. I did find many curious details.

First, the overall country index is based on a weighted score of such factors as business freedom, fiscal freedom, property rights, freedom from corruption, etc. The freest country in the world Hong Kong has the score of 89,3. At the bottom of the list are Cuba (29,7) and North Korea (3). Russia’s score is 54 and Kazakhstan’s score is 60,4. The difference of 6,4 points brings Russia 45 places down. If Russia could improve its score from 54 to 64 it could be as free as Jordan and South Africa (67 countries in between). At the same time at the top of the list things look different. Hong Kong score of 89 minus 10 brings us to Luxembourg (6 countries in between). Luxembourg score minus ten brings us to Czech Republic (69,7 and 23 countries in between). As we see for “mostly unfree” and “repressed” countries every point counts but for free countries plus-minus 10 points don't really matter.

Second, let us look at detailed ratings of Kazakhstan and Russia. There are two approaches: some ratings are calculated technically: inflation, taxes, taxed to GDP, etc. This is a very nice approach – no bias only digits. But then some rating are purely subjective and sometimes subjective beyond comprehension. Technical scores of Russia and Kazakhstan are very similar. There are only two differences. The first difference: in financial freedom Kazakhstan gets 60 but Russia 40. Why? I agree that Kazakhstan has better banking regulations, fewer banks and the sector is less dominated by state-owned banks (it is dominated by private banks run by Nazarbayev’s close relatives). But does it make 20 points difference? The second difference in ratings: Kazakhstan labor freedom rating is 80,5 but Russia gets only 66,2. This means that in Kazakhstan labor has less guarantees from employers, minimal wage is tiny, working hours are not limited, unwanted workers could be fired without much ado. Russia cares more about employees rights and less about employers. Conclusion – Russian economy is less free. Don’t you find this labor freedom index a bit tricky? For example, the shining example of labor freedom is Georgia – it’s 99,9 (one of the main reasons Georgia is #35). I can confirm it – in Georgia employees are treated like cattle.

Third, even technical scores could be adjusted subjectively. There is a freedom from corruption score. It's subjective but separate from technical ratings. Good. But the guys from Heritage Foundation act differently. There’s corruption rating, then (in case with Russia) they say that from the point of legal demands the courts are totally independent but judges are corrupt and we bring the score down. Property rights judicially are ok but officials are corrupt. What’s the problem? Either get rid of a separate corruption rating or stop introducing this “Russia is corrupt” bias into every technical ratings.

Comparing ratings of rich countries and the rest of the world is hilarious. Take labor freedom rating in France and Russia. French labor code is Draconian – to fire a lazy worker is almost impossible. France labor rating is 65,9 and Russia has 66,2.

Heritage Foundation has a lot of problems trying in vain to prove that economic freedom brings prosperity, growth and a lot of investments. Unfortunately the correlation is so weak that special methods are introduced into methodology to make statistics more “supportive” for ideological dogmas.

PS. By the way, Andy. Before exclaiming "Russia's economy is less free than Communist China's" look at the rating Russia and China both have 54,0 score. Why China is #119 but Russia #120? Can you guess?


Andy said...

Tsk, Konstantin... everyone knows that the most important economic indicator of all is a country's position in the alphabet. Where were you when they were teaching economics?


copydude said...

Why would anyone want to quote 'The Heritage Foundation' - academic sounding name for a bunch of CIA-funded cold war warriors.

Quote from Sourcewatch:

"The Heritage Foundation concerns itself with many issues, from missile defense to Europe to public administration, and about 20 other subject areas. It regularly publishes comprehensive articles, papers, journals, etc., expressing its strong neo-conservative opinions in these subject areas.

While the Foundation has contributed many ideas and positions on contemporary public policy, it is best known for the support generated by its foreign policy analysts in the 1980s and early 1990s to provide military and other support to anti-communist resistance movements in Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Nicaragua and other nations, a policy that came to be known as the Reagan doctrine.

The Foundation ultimately succeeeded in this effort, winning both covert and overt United States support to so-called "wars of liberation" against Soviet-aligned states around the world. Critics argued that this effort led to undue bloodshed in the Third World and damaged American relations with the former Soviet Union."


La Russophobe said...

Let me see if I understand. The Heritage Foundation is too biased to be believed, but Konstantin and Copydude are not. Right? And that proof that American Heritage is biased is that Chinese Hong Kong wins the competition. Right?

Konstantin, you've overlooked a few points.

First, Russia's score from Heritage is right in line with many, many other objective analyses of Russian performance. I've documented them all conveniently right here:


Instead of looking for way for Russia to improve its scores, all youy can do is see foreign conspiracies aimed at poor innocent little Russia. As such, you are far more dangerous to Russia than all her foreign enemies put together.

Second, you seem to think that it's rather easy to add a point to a nation's score. That's a blatant lie. Each individual point is very hard to get, so the point difference between Kazakhstan and Russia is seismic.

Third, the fact that Russia is socialist by your own admission is proof that it isn't free. That's what socialism MEANS, you moron. Absence of freedom. You can argue that it's better to be socialist and unfree, but you can't fault Heritage for saying that Russia is unfree because of its socialism. Only a true blockhead would suggest that.

Fourth, I've looked at the Heritage home page


and I fail to see the claim you attribute to it, namely that "economic freedom brings prosperity, growth and a lot of investments." It seems to me those are your words, not those of Heritage, and you fail to source them. I see no value commentary from Heritage at all, merely a review of freedom and presentation fo the data. It's left for readers to decide if freedom is a good thing or not.

One can't tell from your bizarre "analysis" whether you are claiming Russia actually is more free than Heritage says or that it's good that Russia isn't free. That's because your hysterical ideological blindness prevents you from achieving consistency.

The fact that you take pride in Russia having the same score as Communist China and think it's impressive to claim that Russia might be just as good as Kazakhstan is really, really pathetic, a perfect encapsulation of why Russians work for $2.50/hour on average, Russian men die before reaching the age of 60 and 1 million people are lost from the population every year.

Go on with your sad self-delusion right up until the time when there is not one single Russian left on the face of the earth. Then you'll have the last laugh!

Lyndon said...

Say what you will about Heritage (and I struggle to think of too many good things), they are not CIA-funded, and the cold war (and warriors) are not their stock in trade (you must be thinking of the Jamestown Foundation). A bit of poking around on Heritage's website will show you where their money comes from - the Board of Trustees, of course! Notice how many of them are astronomically wealthy individuals (e.g., Steve Forbes, Scaife, the Coors heiress, just to name the obvious ones) who likely gave quite a bit of money to become trustees and support Heritage's goals.

Hey, Konstantin, please restore me to your list of links - the blog is back, at least for now.

Zhlobko Yebic said...

Why do you call yourself that? Is is a reflection of your objective attitude
Dear fellow bloggers, I'd suggest readers of this blog check out what The Exile,

and La Russophobe's attitutude to all things Slavic.

Vilhelm Konnander said...

Dear Konstantin,

Thanks for pointing Andy's piece out for me and for your interesting comments. I obviously have to take a closer look at the issue myself.



La Patria Grande said...

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Raj said...

Brazil India China United States European Union Indonesia Pakistan Russia Mexico Japan appear to be doing well economically.

Please attend to the poor, sick, tired and depressed people in your respective nations.

Anonymous said...

Regarding corruption in Russia. Go to the TI website, and dig out the "corruption barometer" for 2006... take a look at the scale "have you or anybody in your family ever paid a bribe over the last year"... read and be confused.......

Anonymous said...

Yep. You are doing a great job. But I think it would be even a greater job if you would concentrate on the racial discrimination problems or how miserable are the lives of people who are effected by war. If you would do that it would impress me. (By the way Im talking about Black and Mexican issues and war in I....q

Anonymous said...

rusophobe wrote:

First, Russia's score from Heritage is right in line with many, many other objective analyses of Russian performance.

I laught half an hour. It was really dangerous for my health. Maybe I'll go to court to compensation... My dear freid, there is NO "objective analyses" of Russian performance in western countries at all. All these analeses are high-quality bullshit and well-paid anti-russian propaganda. Do not be surprized if any Russian excent 200 copletely crazy followers of Kasparov, who are more crazy even then Fisher, will simly lough on you as I do.

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