Friday, June 24, 2005

Putin on Cannibalism

Gary Brecher didn't miss many comments on Putin's about cannibalism in Africa. He also read that broadly generalized translation that sounds as if Putin means Africa in whole but not just some place like Central Africa under General Bokassa. Anyway Gary digs deeper into the tradition of easting enemies in African war. Here's a link to his column Putin Congo's Roast.

The press invoked all the usual PC lies for their responses. It was interesting, because nobody actually said Putin was wrong. Just "insensitive." Somebody named Trevor-I mean, "Trevor"!-had a hissy fit and lisped, "What a preposterous thing to say. Putin is at best insensitive and at worst a downright racist."
Well, here's a news flash: Putin told the truth. Cannibalism is very common in African war zones. Trevor should read the news from places like Congo more carefully.

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