Wednesday, March 15, 2006

US-Ukraine Cooperation

Christian Science Monitor published an article “Keeping democracy alive in Ukraine” by Howard LaFranchi. Howard writes:

But now as a system insider, Ukraine Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko is discovering firsthand the hard work of building a new democracy. In Washington recently to advance US-Ukraine cooperation on justice and international crime, the youthful Mr. Lutsenko says he's learned that creating a clean and fair national police force is one of the most important determinants in a young democracy's success.

US-Ukraine cooperation on international crime? Does it mean Ukraine sends more troops to Iraq?


Nimo said...

""US-Ukraine cooperation on international crime? Does it mean Ukraine sends more troops to Iraq?""

Very well said , in deed!
I may add , "or maybe by building a couple of secret detenation facilities that would be used by the USA away from the annoying media"
Briliant as usual, thank you

Anonymous said...

What kind of a twisted person would see so much in the notion that the police force in Ukraine needs cleaninng up and getting more fair? Or you are one of those people who believes in perfect citizen contolling themselves and not needing any restrictions?

ukraine said...

aha, ce paca la ukraine blog

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