Monday, November 21, 2005

Calendar Wars

Here's a very interesting article by Kirill Pankratov published in Exile that I fully endorse:

Thus Putin's entourage wanted to come up with a historical date close to November 7th. They found it in the events of 1613-the end of the twenty year-long "Times of Trouble" and the beginning of the Romanov's dynasty. They chose the particular date of November 4th. That's when the popular militia headed by Minin and Pozharsky-a merchant and a noble -breached the defenses of Moscow, which was occupied by Polish troops and their local collaborators, and took Kitai-Gorod (the Chinatown-there was such a thing even then).

The liberal media opposed the date from the start. Actually they oppose anything at all suggesting Russian pride, especially if it has to do with encounters with Western armies. The popular militia was a truly democratic, up-from-below movement organized by ordinary citizens themselves. It was a moment of truth comparable in American history to the Paul Revere's ride and the march of the Minutemen militia in Concord and Lexington against the British redcoats. This is exactly why it is hated by the liberal and much of the Western media-because it runs counter to their established line that Russian history is nothing but "a thousand years of slavery and autocracy." Some papers bitched that this new holiday would antagonize Poles (big deal, they built their own whole history around antagonizing Russians). The idiocy of political correctness went as far as claiming that it can't be celebrated because apparently some Jewish merchants in the Polish supply line were slaughtered in the ruckus.


Anonymous said...

To be precise, those were Lithuanian and not Polish troops :) In any case, this was part of the army of Both Republics.

Mister Kiffer said...

I miss East Prussia, good times good times. J/k.

I'm participating in a Model UN seminar at Yale University in Feburary. I'll be representing Belarus, anythign I should know.

And Konstantin if you could write somthing about Russia's Kaliningrad, pre-1945 Koensburg, oblast between Poland and Lithuania it would be appreciated.

Konstantin said...

Unfortunately I don't know much about Kalinigrad. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

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