Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Is Andre Glucksmann mad?

Paris - French intellectuals have maintained their silence, despite more than 6,000 burnt-out cars, wrecked schools and vandalized creches and the one death resulting from the riots that have raged since October 27. Now at last the philosopher Andre Glucksmann has spoken out with a provocative thesis: The disturbances are not the result of alienation but a sign that the young rioters are becoming integrated. 'They are integrating themselves by the very act of setting cars alight, even by the fact that they are setting people alight,' he told the German newspaper, the Franfurter Rundschau. According to Glucksmann, negation is a typical form of French integration.

Actually this is a typical non sequitur. All cats like milk. John likes milk. Ergo - John is a cat.
For those who don't know - Andre Glucksmann is a Russophobe No.1 in Europe who sincerely believes that Russia in any form and under any government is a threat to the world.

Slightly edited Soviet poster - "Africa is fighting. Africa will win"

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Anonymous said...

The world has never been given a reason to trust Russians. Not that Russians are obliged to, but still explains why many people are reserved towards Russia and Russians. -TK

russophobe said...

Exactly. Worse than untrustworthy. The Advent of the gargoyles themselves who look out from aloft the walls of venerable cathedrals.

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