Saturday, January 28, 2006

Anther color revolution

Just a couple of months ago every Western "analitist" was wondering - where the the next color revolution would take place? "Rose revolution" in Georgia, "Orange revolution" in Ukraine? Who will be next? Belorus or Russia? Where "true democracy" would win? It turned out the next color revolution - "Green Revolution" - took place in Palestine. In the most free and democratic manner. I wonder when EU and US stop subsidizing Palestine would Washington Post write about evil imperialists that try to destroy a young democracy?


Major Scarlet said...

we'll see how long it stays a democracy with the hamas thugs in charge. they've already stormed parliment with guns drawn. the only good thing here is the fact that hamas must come out of the shadows to run palestine.. making their actions more visible to the world.

Nukchuu said...

Actually it wasn't Hamas who stormed parliament. Hamas - Terrorists, martyrs, defender's of a stolen land, murderers. Call them what you will. The people have spoken, and they have chosen Hamas.

In a sick way it's quite amusing to read about world leaders refusing to recognize Hamas as a legitimate government entity. They are quick to point out it's militant theology, this they say is why they will refuse to recognize and deal with Palestine's newly elected government unless it disarms and renounces violence ( something our own government's should consider ).

Now the so called democracies around the world are stepping up and refusing to recognize a democratically elected governement in a part of the world where a WAR is raging in a so called 'struggle to bring democracy' to Iraq? The US and Israel are threatening to cut off aid if Hamas takes control of the government. What will that do exactly, aside from hurt the civilian population? The leader's of the free world now stand united, talking out their asses about bringing democracy to the world. Whisking off anyone they chose to secret torture facilities to be interrogated. The people of Palestine have elected Hamas, the world needs to recognize the people. The US will no longer be able to deny it's agenda for the middle east under the guise of democracy and freedom if it is going to deny Palestinians the very same thing. Mr. Bush has killed far more innocent civilians than Hamas. Is he going to kill democracy in Palestine now too?
The only way to fight 'terrorism' is to quit using it. One thing is for sure, smothering Palestine now will not change anything.

Major Scarlet said...

we'll see. hamas aren't the boy scouts.. whether they were elected or not. they are vicious thugs that attack children on school buses and they refuse to renounce their old ways. they are having their funding cut because they won't renounce terrorism as a way to solve their problems.

the people of palestine have suffered at the expense of their own people... not the US or anyone else's hand. we've given them billions and it all went to swiss bank accounts. finally, someone has woken up to the fact and said no more. no more status quo.

you speak of stolen land: the jewish people created jerusalem 5000 years ago and yet hamas and palestine claim it as their own.

Anonymous said...

Well it seems that Russia may recognize Hamas as a legitimate government entity - Putin told today in Spain that he doesn`t see Hamas as terrorist organisation and is going to invite its leader for negotiations to Moscow. Zapatero backed him. what do you think about it, Major?

Anonymous said...

And Isreal was empty when the jews got there 5000 years ago. Religious doctrine is not politically valid.

Adi said...

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