Friday, January 27, 2006

Putin the Paranoid

From BBC News comes “Georgians blame 'GasPutin' for crisis”:

The crisis began on Sunday, when a series of explosions blew up two gas pipelines and an electricity power line in the North Caucasus, cutting off energy supplies to Georgia and neighbouring Armenia.

The explosions happened on Russian territory, but immediately Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili blamed Moscow for what he called a pre-planned act of sabotage, orchestrated by Russian officials.

He immediately flew to Europe and gave dozens of interviews urging the Civilized World to save his little but proud republic from Evil Empire before Putin nukes Tbilisi. Surprisingly mainstream media showed some common sense. Usually it takes Saakashvili’s words uncritically but this time they said, “Hmm. Putin is certainly a blood-hungry monster but isn’t it necessary to do some investigation before jumping to conclusions?” Among hysterical raves about Russia being an insecure gas supplier (it means Russia can’t stop Ukraine from stealing gas from Europeans) Putin only needs yet another scandal. Shooting in his own leg is very Putin-like. Everybody knows he’s a mad paranoiac.

Anyone who likes conspiracy theories should also consider other scenarios:
Saakashvili blew pipelines himself in order to boost anti-Russian sentiments among Georgians.
Georgian nationalists paid Chechens to blew pipelines because they hate the idea of selling Georgian pipelines to Gazprom.
Gazprom blew his own pipelines because he wants to buy Georgian pipelines cheap.

I think one should look to Abkhazia and Southern Osetia – two little but proud self-proclaimed republics who hate the idea of being a part of Georgian Empire. Unfortunately Georgia being ultra-imperialistic tries everything to bring Abkhazia and Osetia to its knees. No wonder Abkhazian and Osetian freedom fighters want to stop Georgian imperialism and together with Chechen freedom fighters do things in the name of peace and democracy, you know.

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