Monday, July 31, 2006

Руссофобиха жжот

La Russophobe, being even more indefatigable and prolific then ever, took a great liking to my blog. Here's one of her comments that I found especially amusing:

My blog contains hundreds of comments and has had thousands of visits in its short existence, making it one of the most trafficked Russia speciality blogs in the world. You are a classic Russophile piece of dirt, telling outrageous lies totally detached from the facts. Lies like yours are exactly what has brought Russia to its knees. I suggest you check the lead post on the blog, top ten reasons to hate Russia, which contains more than three dozen comments. To read it, CLICK HEREInstead of dealing with my comments in this post, you make a personal attack upon me. Typical attitude of a failed, dishonest Neo-Soviet propagandist, and clear proof of just how good my blog is. You can't handle the important facts it uniquely reports, so you launch a pathetic personal attack.What's more, you obviously haven't read my blog at all, since it clearly states that its purpose is NOT to attract comments but to DOCUMENT the rise of the Neo-Soviet Union. Unlike this blog, only people who are members of BLOGGER can write on La Russophobe. There's a quote at the top of my blog that you ought to read: Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting in his whole life. I guess to a disgusting little toad like you, that makes him a failure. La Russophobe doesn't think so, nor does the world.For you information (as if you cared about facts) my article about racism in Russia recently appeared on Publius Pundit CLICK HERE TO READ IT where it also generated a large number of comments. My blog is widely linked and generates more than 10,000 Google hits.

Sitemeter at the LR blog registered 6300 visitors in four months. What happened to 3700 Google hits? Did they miss the target?

Seems like I'm not the only one who thinks that Kim F. needs some serious medical help. Here's a comment from Anonymous:

You might not really help LR (and us) further by reacting the way you did to her. She just craves for attention, or rather reaction, as you noticed, like some kids use provocation and wait to get a punishment from their parents to get their love and attention. LR only needs some medical help, and some comforting words from us: "Now, now, we understand your point, and you are right in all of your comments. Some people might not show you how much they appreciate you, but they are just fools. Everything is alright. Do not worry, we will always agree with you. You are very important to all of us."

Can anyone tell me - does a typical American insurance covers costs of Prozac?


Anonymous said...

Just leave LR alone. "She" likes posting anti-Russian screeds, under the pretense of caring for the fate of the Russian people. This, of course, does not prevent her from referring to those same people as "lemmings" and considerably worse.

I'm sure she has some fans - so does Mel Gibson's dad. Anyway, there's absolutely no point trying to change the point of view of someone like LR, as it's either fixed in stone, or an attention-getter. "She" will only call you an "insane" (a favorite of hers and clearly a condtion well known to her) Russophile propagandist.

Just leave "her" in splendid isolation. "She" gets to post what she likes, for whatever audience "she" has.

La Russophobe said...

Konstatin, your jealousy is quite pathetic and you are lying dog hypocrite to boot! Your attempt to retaliate against me on personal grounds for exposing your outrageous conduct on this blog is transparent and disgusting.

Then again, maybe you're simply a moron and don't know how my site counter works. Or maybe you're simply insane. Or maybe, most likely, you were drunk when you wrote this post.

I guess you think that my commenting on your blog shows how great your blog is, but your devoting multiple posts to me shows how bad my blog is. In other word, you're a total idiot.

As anyone can see who can read, my comment doesn't say anything about 3,700 Google hits, it says TEN THOUSAND. If you enter "la russophobe" in google, you will get TEN THOUSAND hits.

I have a profile on my blog which records unique one-time browsers views of it and I have more profile views than the Accidental Russophobe, while you don't even HAVE a profile or ANY OTHER information that visitors can see recording information about your blog's activities. That's because you are fundamentally dishonest, secretive and one of the world's biggest hypocrites talking about dishonesty in others.

You can't address the substantive challenges I have made, so in the classic fashion of a Russophile wack job you launch a totally dishonest, insane personal attack.

Pietari said...

I want to puke....РЫАЛЛ-И...

Lets bitch R.I.P.
I've met before in I-net the dumb-idiot antisemites but I've faced the dumb idiot russophobe the first time in my life. Why is that? And who knows?
May be she-he had a bad luv experience in Russia, or what?

Anyway I feel pity for her/him.

LOL Russophuck, you won't come here in Russia, because if you'll decide to come here than nobody will find your ugly body afterall...
Russia is too big - you know.

Pietari said...

Got it!

I understood!

Her name is Madlen Olbright!

La Russophobe said...

PIETARI: Thanks for your further proof that Russophiles are reasonable people who offer substantive analysis rather than personal abuse like cheap thugs. Your correct spelling of the former Secretary of State's name is conclusive evidence of your intellect and the extent to which you deserve respect, and you are obviously quite right that, just as Hitler said, physical appearance is the only thing that really matters in this world. Since you think so, I assume you believe that President Putin's wife should be exterminated due to her obesity and her hideous taste in fashion. So why don't you send her a letter and tell her so?

Pietari said...

LOL Russophuchka,

You really need a medical care, come here and we'll help you,- we'll do all our best.
Trust us. Our medecine ain't so bad.
I also can call to Fidel.
Make your choice.

La Russophobe said...

PIETARI: Yes, you're quite right, saying that you "deserve respect" definitely shows I must be mentally ill. Thanks for confirming that you aren't worthy of any.

Mark said...

Thank you Konstantin for this post. Her\his case is becoming more and more serious; I can see her soon going totally insane because , you know, "Russia still exist", and she'll be laying with her mouth open on her keyboard, saying "Russia, Russia, Russia,...etc" :)
@La Russophobe, you have a very rich dictionary of street language and expressions, keep creating new ones.
Now I think we should simply forget her, just like the first anonymous said. She is now sitting in front of her PC waiting in anticipation for the next comment to come.
@La Russophobe, I like the fact that most comments on your blog are written BY YOU! This is really entertaining.
I hope before your depression kills you that you post for us the REAL STORY of your Russophobia. BTW, is it so painful to remember it? OK, OK..

La Russophobe said...

MARK: By your logic, Konstantin is clearly insane for having devoted two whole posts to me. Clearly, he's obsessed with me. So I suggest you advise him where to seek treatment.

La Russophobe said...

I wonder what you are thanking Konstantin for? For repeating word for word the post of someone else? For lying about what I said about my Google hits? For speaking gibberish nobody can understand? For publicizing my great blog? Hmmm . .. maybe I should thank him too... thanks Konstantin, for showing what fools and liars Russophiles are.

Pablo said...

Eh, Konstantin, do you really care what some blogger thinks about Russia? Is she important?

She is probably just another American with a huge mouth and only limited inteligence. Think of crocodiles; that would be her.There are thousands of this kind all over the web. Just you go and take a look what similar people write about the Israeli Lebanon conflict. Or about France. Or about any county except US and Israel. Russia is no exeption, believe me. I haven't met an American wingnut (and some wannabe monkeys who would sell their countries to the devil just to be closer to America) who wouldn't attack any country which dared to stand up to US. Then come the usual nonsense about super rich America, about how everybody else is poor and pathetic, how everything goes wrong and the like. They even claim such nonsense for Europe.

I advise you not to give to much attention to such people.

Chris said...

Why does anybody care what this nutjob says? I really wish I could find someplace on the Anglophone web that is Russia-related that has not been defaced by his/her/its pathetic ravings. He/she/it is like the dark analog to Mike Averko. They should be condemned to exist in a parallel world eternally fighting each other and get out of the faces of the sane people, a la that classic episode of Star Trek. ;)

La Russophobe said...

CHRIS: Thanks for showing a great example of how to avoid personal abuse and only make substantive contributions to blogs that add value! If only all commenters to blogs would add as much substance and and with as much respect and class as you have just done!

PABLO: Why shouldn't Konstantin pay attention? After all, YOU ARE DOING IT? Hypocritical, aren't you?

I notice that neither one of you apes understands what Konstantin is saying about Google or my blog counter either. He humiliated himself with insane gibberish that makes no sense whatsoever, and you praise him. Just like the old Politburo! Great!

Anonymous said...

(I am the anonymous cited in Konstantin's post up there)

Hey, it is really getting funny here! Even for a Frenchman in faraway Germany...

Now, some deep study of several blogs around the world just brought me to this conclusion:

LR is not a human being, it is a computer!

I am absolutely convinced of it!

Remember, in the 80's, in every average sci-fi TV-show or teenager movie, any decent computer would be able to spit out some pre-programmed answers whatever you'd type in. One of the first homework for future programmer would probably consist in the following few lines of B.A.S.I.C.

30: PRINT "HELLO, ";A$
40: END

In the case of this computer, let's name it LR-2000, it probably looks like this:

40: GOTO 30

It is so easy to prove that LR-2000 is a computer:
- Look at the poor, repetitive argument.
- Try out to type some keywords, like "Tennis player", it will spit out "Sex slave".
- It says it stands out from "accidental Russophobes", because it is a programmed Russophobe.

You see, no analysis, no intelligence, just a machine!

Unfortunately, we will probably have to see for a long time Konstantin's remarkable page being polluted now and then by some inexorable electronic LR-scam. I guess all we can do is to skip these infuriated automatically generated comments on this blog. Just use the scroll-wheel of your mouse or the down-arrow-key.

I just wonder how could the programmers of LR-2000 dare to use the French article "La" in "La Russophobe": it is an offense for my language!

To all of you with brains, have a nice day and take care!

L' anonymous

PS 1: Sorry for the delay in posting, we have several hours of time difference with the USA here in Europe.
PS 2: Sorry for the fans of "2001: A Space Odissey". Any similarity to HAL-9000 is merely coincidental. LR-2000 is a lo-tech computer.

katjusha said...

i'm not sure what to think of la russophobe. she has very offending street language which a civilized and educated person wouldnt use for normal conversation. the fact that she cares so much for 'google hits' makes me wonder is she writing her posts to get a 'google hit' and be famous!? she must be, beacuse a person who loves to write about something does it no matter of some 'google hits'. also i wonder how old she is, maybe that would explain many things :)

greeting from croatia

Anonymous said...

Sounds like two kids arguing about the size of their toys.

Get a life.

Anonymous said...

Konstantin, I think you should take some measures to forbid this stupid LR creature posting any comments here. Everyone ignores her pathetic blog (after she blocked anonimous comments, noone wants to leave any in her blog) so she blatantly and shamelessly uses yours to grab attention. Surely something can be done there.

La Russophobe said...

KATJUSHA: Wow, you are a really amazing hypocrite. You complain about the language I use but you don't say a word about the outrageous pornographic statements made about me in the comments in this blog. Your comment is also totally unfair, because the only reason I mentioned Google hits is that ridiculous lies were told in this blog about nobody reading my blog. You can see such a lie by ANONYMOUS, right above, stating "everyone ignores her pathetic blog." This is a boldfaced lie and I'm entitled to show that it is. Google hits, profile views, my Technorati rank and my site counter all show that my blog is one of the most heavily trafficked Russia speciality blogs in the world.

If you're going to attack me, the least you could do is be fair and accurate. Otherwise, people will see that you are just what you accuse me of being.

La Russophobe said...

ANONYMOUS: How typical. You can't handle the truth, so you try to silence me with censorship like a typical Neo-Soviet coward.

And your lies about my blog are absurd. Hundreds of people visit my blog every day and it registers more than 10,000 Google hits. Your lies just go to prove that the ridiculous, laughable self-delusion of the USSR is alive and well, and that Russia is doomed if it cannot extricate itself from the evil clutches of people like you.

Anonymous said...

LR - what are you gonna prove by your google hits? Haven't you been told once that most visitors to your site go there to see to what extent your stupidity will go this time? What does censorship has to do with the blog readers not wanting your stupid comments on s/o else's blog? Popular blogs usually produce discussion, opinion sharing, etc. Haven't you noticed that noone wants to discuss your pathetic posts with you?? All you got was negative comments, which is not surprising considering the way you present info in your posts. Go back to your blog and talk to yourself like you are used to.

P.S. Don't need your reply, so spare this blog from posting more proof to your mental incapability.

P.P.S. Sorry Konstantin for flloding in your blog. This is the last comment in response to the mentally challenged LR

La Russophobe said...

ANONYMOUS: Would you like me to take up a collection so you can afford to buy yourself an actual name?

Your jealousy, and craven cowardice, are showing. How many Google hits does YOUR blog have, Mr. Substance?

LOL. You are a total train wreck of a human being.

K said...

La Russophile gets more hits in GOOGLE, I gues no worries, mate :)

Michael Averko said...

I'll reply to this cheap shot:

"Chris said...
Why does anybody care what this nutjob says? I really wish I could find someplace on the Anglophone web that is Russia-related that has not been defaced by his/her/its pathetic ravings. He/she/it is like the dark analog to Mike Averko. They should be condemned to exist in a parallel world eternally fighting each other and get out of the faces of the sane people, a la that classic episode of Star Trek. ;)"


Hey Chris:

You by chance wouldn't be Chris Doss, who is known to participate in numerous forums?

Whether you are or not, then what gives with your BS comment about me?

Unlike some others, I don't hide under a false name (Kim Zigfeld or Kim Betty or Oliver Bronsen) and I don't close off a forum in the manner of creating a secret society, in addition to bad mouthing people behind their backs without directly dealing with them.

If you've a beef with me, than bring it out in the open.

Alexandra said...


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Alexandra said...

Damn you Mike Averko! I told you to quit posting under my name! I am your sock puppet no more!

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Chris Doss said...

I admit to being a loser, whose great moments are posting idiotic comments on blogs.

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Just leave LR alone. "She" likes posting anti-Russian screeds, under the pretense of caring for the fate of the Russian people. This, of course, does not prevent her from referring to those same people as "lemmings" and considerably worse.I'm sure she has some fans - so does Mel Gibson's dad. Anyway, there's absolutely no point trying to change the point of view of someone like LR, as it's either fixed in stone, or an attention-getter. "She" will only call you an "insane" (a favorite of hers and clearly a condtion well known to her) Russophile propagandist.Just leave "her" in splendid isolation. "She" gets to post what she likes, for whatever audience "she" has.

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