Friday, July 28, 2006

A Liberal Guide to Better Understanding Freedom Fighters

My previous post "Excusable Terrorism" generated some comment. Pietari posted a real masterpiece. I think it shouldn't be wasted in the comments section so I re-post it here.

A Liberal Guide to Better Understanding Freedom Fighters

At this very moment it is too early to know the precise number of hostage takers killed or captured. In any case, it is important to keep some simple liberal rules in mind just in case one or more freedom fighters survived the attacks by the Russian police and were taken into custody:

1. We may not condone their killings - if there were any at all -, but we have to look for the root causes for a better understanding of their behavior. Were they inconvenienced in practicing their religion? Delays during rush hour in Chechnya? Election losses? Only if we know exactly what drove these young men and women to their somewhat regrettable actions can we make a final judgment.

2. Avoid the term "terrorists" for the hostage takers by all means. They have families with mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and it would be a great disservice for them to have their relatives labeled with derogative terms.

3. The hostage takers have full rights for proper legal procedure. They should be assigned the best lawyers available, preferably from France or Germany. Both countries have a proud tradition of setting proven terrorists free, either as a result of faulty court hearings or by giving in to blackmail.

4. It must be investigated in full detail if Putin is behind the hostage taking. He has every interest in the world to appear as a hardliner, and he desperately needed another victory over Chechnyan freedom fighters. While this is only a non-confirmed hypothesis so far, we have not heard any rejection of it from official Russian government sources - which is quite telling in itself, of course.

5. There can be no - repeat: NO - capital punishment for the hostage takers. Capital punishment is a cruel and inhuman act that violates the human rights of the accused.

6. We request that an internationally reputable organization such as the Red Cross be permitted to monitor conditions and report cases of abuse and torture in the prison where the hostage takers are held.

7. Free flow of information between the imprisoned hostage takers and their peers from Al Qaida must be permitted at all times. Access to telecommunications and the internet must be guaranteed.

The search for a political solution of the conflict is imperative. Meetings between representatives of the Russian government and the hostage takers, under the supervision of the United Nations, are the only way out of the crisis.

The cycle of violence has got to stop! We will keep you posted on any human rights violations by the Russian government. The hostage takers deserve a fair and transparent legal procedure.

You may throw up now...


Tim Newman said...

Sadly, this could equally be applied to how liberals talk about terrorism directed at the US, UK, and Israel.

I am no fan of Putin's by a long shot, but I did like his clarity of vision when he ordered his secret service to "find and destroy" those who murdered the Russian embassy staff in Iraq.

La Russophobe said...

Shockingly absent from this discussion is the fact that Putin LIED about killing Basayev, who was killed in an ACCIDENT. Just as in Soviet Times, Russia thinks it can build a country on a bogus tissue of illusions and lies, and just in Soviet times that edifice will come crumbling down.

TIM correctly points out what anyone who reads the news (unlike Konstantin and Pietari) knows full well, namely that there is NO DISCRIMINATION against Russia on the question of terrorism, but rather a general liberal argument that terrorists should be understood rather than confronted.

If Konstantin or Pietari were true conseravatives, they would make public statements supporting George Bush's attacks on terrorists, but they are NOT. They are simply blind Russian nationlists scurrying like cockroaches to defend Russia no matter what the facts actually are.

Mark said...

La russophobe,
You have a pathetic blog and no one is writing you a single comment,are you trying to attract commentators? Too frustrated that you are not getting "feed back" or "hate mail" ? I hope my comment made your day.
Now would you please go pour your hatred on your blog and stop making us read your sick comments.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with the general observations of Konstantin's comments. I believe that he is wrong, however, in his criticism of the newspaper article being merely anti-Russian.

The newspaper article is simply one more instance of the type of deluded thought common to terrorist sympathizers and looney liberals. This is what we have to suffer in the US for our benefit of free speech and press.

The Russian army has been known for decades for its brutality. The US has been asleep at the switch for decades in the matter of Muslim terrorists, and only began to wake up after 9/11. Unfortunately there are still political factions who deny the evidence of their own eyes and ears.

What is important now is that all decent nations cooperate in this matter. Russia has not. Konstantin should tell Putin to stop supporting Iran.

La Russophobe said...

Mark: You are a liar, and obviously a pathetically jealous little thug who doesn't have any kind of blog of his own, much less a successful one.

My blog contains hundreds of comments and has had thousands of visits in its short existence, making it one of the most trafficked Russia speciality blogs in the world. You are a classic Russophile piece of dirt, telling outrageous lies totally detached from the facts. Lies like yours are exactly what has brought Russia to its knees. I suggest you check the lead post on the blog, top ten reasons to hate Russia, which contains more than three dozen comments. To read it, CLICK HERE

Instead of dealing with my comments in this post, you make a personal attack upon me. Typical attitude of a failed, dishonest Neo-Soviet propagandist, and clear proof of just how good my blog is. You can't handle the important facts it uniquely reports, so you launch a pathetic personal attack.

What's more, you obviously haven't read my blog at all, since it clearly states that its purpose is NOT to attract comments but to DOCUMENT the rise of the Neo-Soviet Union. Unlike this blog, only people who are members of BLOGGER can write on La Russophobe. There's a quote at the top of my blog that you ought to read: Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting in his whole life. I guess to a disgusting little toad like you, that makes him a failure. La Russophobe doesn't think so, nor does the world.

For you information (as if you cared about facts) my article about racism in Russia recently appeared on Publius Pundit CLICK HERE TO READ IT where it also generated a large number of comments. My blog is widely linked and generates more than 10,000 Google hits.

What's more, as you can see, commentator ANONYMOUS below agrees with my analysis of this post. You meanwhile are such a moron that you don't say a word about the post you are commenting on. In other words, your "comment" is really just spam - garbage.

La Russophobe said...

ANONYMOUS: Very well said. But Konstantin will never take your advice, in fact you won't find a single piece of criticsm about Putin anywhere on this blog, because Konstatin is a Neo-Soviet stooge helping to facilitate the rise of the Neo-Soviet Union by dispensing outrageously unsourced propaganda in its favor. Therefore, the Neo-Soviet Union will fail just the way the original did. If you want to read the truth about Russia, backed up by meticulous sourcing of facts, check out La Russophobe!

Big Black Bear said...

LR: You criticism of Konstantin’s blog is missing the point: to accuse him of the “fact you won't find a single piece of criticism about Putin anywhere on this blog, because Konstatin is a Neo-Soviet stooge” is like accusing you of not having pro-Russia bias. Besides you seem to equate Putin with Russia , but Konstantin does not – his concepts, unlike yours (Putin=Russia=SU), are wide.

Van Gogh was obviously not a failure, but the trait you looking for is not “not selling paintings”, it is having a TALENT: dismal sales are NOT indication of the talent – the quality of the product is.

The wider point of the post is still valid: somehow US press is comfortable applying standards to others it would find preposterous when used at home.

ambarwarrior said...

Ha ha ha!! Loved the post!! The guide can also work for the poor freedom fighters in Guantanamo Bay.

La Russophobe said...


You couldn't be more wrong. I'm accusing him of claiming facts without sourcing them. What's worse, he's accusing OTHERS of lying while failing to document facts himself. It's the ultimate form of Neo-Soviet hypocrisy. Konstantin can be as biased and pro-Russian as he likes, and he can lie all he likes (we expect that from the Neo-Soviet lunatics). But what he CAN'T do is to self-righteously claim that people who criticize Russia are "lying" when he can't provide any evidence of that claim.

If Konstantin were even remotely interested in truth, then before he made any claim that the West is hypocritical on Basayev he would at least acknowledge that Russia has
refused to acknowledge that either Hamas or Hezbollah are terrorist organizations because it supports them ideologically all the while becoming indignant when anyone in the West questions whether Chechens are terrorists and why. Russia can't have it both ways, sorry.

Greg said...

How long before LA RUSSOPHOBE posts under the "Debbie" nick to create an impression that someone agrees with his/her hateful ravings?

Mark said...

@La Russophobe: Yes I am a russophile, and glad to be. Keep your raving about Russia; 100 years from now , neither you, nor your silly blog will be on earth and RUSSIA WILL STILL BE THERE with all its might and glory.
I told you I hope I made your day, and it really seems I did. You respond to any little word, just like what Constantin said about you in his SUPER POST "Case of Kim F" , you are just proving every single word he wrote.
P.S I don't really care if you are nick is Kim G , or Z, or F, but F seems the right letter for you, hmm, you know why I am sure!
Have a nice day answering my comment :)))

Anonymous said...

I am not the Anonymous from up above, luckily! I would like to post some comments to:

La Russophobe:

You are absolutely right, without any doubt, in anything ever published on your blog, and in all your comments.

Now, you should really look for some medical help. There are many specialists around, who will certainly be able to make you feel much better. Medicine and therapy can make the difference. I am not being sarcastic. We all love and need you, because you are a good person.


You might not really help LR (and us) further by reacting the way you did to her. She just craves for attention, or rather reaction, as you noticed, like some kids use provocation and wait to get a punishment from their parents to get their love and attention. LR only needs some medical help, and some comforting words from us: "Now, now, we understand your point, and you are right in all of your comments. Some people might not show you how much they appreciate you, but they are just fools. Everything is alright. Do not worry, we will always agree with you. You are very important to all of us."

Oh and remember the New Testament:
"You have heard that it was said, 'An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.' But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you." (Matthew 5:38-42, NIV)


Am I wrong or are you condemning Israel's State Terrorism against Lebanon? On August 31, 1939 Nazi Germany mounted a staged attack by German soldiers dressed as Poles on Gleiwitz radio station, giving them an excuse to attack Poland the following day, starting World War II in Europe. See also the Reichstag fire, which led itself to the establishment of Nazi Germany ( This time, Israel wants to definitely get rid of Lebanon as a state, help the US build a "New Middle East" and point its eyes to its North-Eastern neighbours. The pretext was a kidnapped soldier.

Putin might not be the best leader Russia ever head (still better than his predecessor), but he brought Russia back on the scene, and this is good for all the countries and the world's population, even for you, US citizens.


Again, very good work! Go on! We want more!

La Russophobe said...

MARK: Oh, suddenly now you're no longer talking about my blog any more, are you, you nasty little piece of garbage. See the facts and change the subject, just liek the Politburo used to do. And we know what happened to them, now don't we? What a pathetic little piece of dirt you are.

GREG: Yes dear, it's my goal in life to get YOU to agree with me, as well as Konstantin and Mark at the rest of the Neo-Soviet thugs who are destroying Russia and poisoning the world with their bile. And if I can't get you to agree with me soon, then I'm going to kill myself. By the way, honey, why are your commenting on this blog anonymously? Don't you have a blog of your own? Are you afraid to take any position and stand behind it? Gee, that's pretty sad.

Truly, Russophile arrogance and blindness know no bounds.

La Russophobe said...

You know, I just can't help but smirk at the delicious irony that a moron on this blog claims nobody comments on what I say and yet a huge number of the posts ON THIS BLOG are comments about what I say. Truly, you Russophile wackos are the most breathtaking of failures.

Mark said...

@Anonymous: You are so right, La Russophobe needs attention, that's why she spends all day online collecting Anti-Russia news to post them , and then sit and wait pointlessly for any lurker to leave her a couple of words, even bad ones.
Forgive me, I just can not resist the desire to write her; she is so hilarious; reading her is just like watching a circus or something.

@La Russophobe: I hope you realize at some point, dear, that we are just laughing out loudly at your ranting and anger. It's so interesting to study you, you are a case of your own; I really admire you. I like how your blog looks with (0) comments after each post. You have thousands of readers, you said? yet they do not bother to leave you a word, even a word of disgust, this is hilarious.
Yes, half of the comments here are not ABOUT YOU but TO YOU - telling you to stop your rant and go get some medical care; I swear we will all contribute for that, I hope Konstantin opens the door for donations or something.
By the way, if having a blog is a sign of intellectuality, then your blog will simply screw this fact totally.
Do not kill yourself please, it'll be a bad thing to lose such a great free source of entertainment coming from a lunatic moron on the loose :)) I promise you that one day I will drop by and add some comment on your deserted blog. We should take care of you, you know!
Now sod off, you have a lot googling and newsletter reading to do today.
P.S are you really "she"? Is it your jealousy from Russian beauties that drive you uncounciously to rave all day? OK, OK, I will stop now, we agreed that you need help and I'm not the one to offer it.

Z.Z said...

Obviously no body visits that "La Russophobe" creature on her blog so "it" starts coming to visit other blogs in a desperate search for attention. There are other ways, La Russophobe, to attract readers and people to comment and have an active discussion on your blog, other than attacking everyone and trying to put links to your blog everywhere. You are such a spammer; congratulations.

La Russophobe said...

MARK: I'm glad you now admit how successful my blog is and have moved on to personal attacks which show even more clearly what a pathetic little rat you are. You comment behind an anonymous blind and have no blog of your own where you position is placed before the world, so all you can do is make crude, pathetic little jokes just like the classic Russophile slob while Russia disintegrates. You don't add a shred of value to this blog or any other, you just scurry around like a rat making childish little outbursts that embarrass any serious person. You're a perfect expression of why
Russia is doomed, because of "friends" like you.

ZZ: Great addition of value to this discussion about terrorism! Thanks! Meanwhile, if you want to see how much interest there is in my blog google "la russophobe" or check my profile view count or my site meter. Then compare that data to this one. OOOPS! Sorry, you can't, because Konstantine doesn't make that information available to anyone.

Anonymous said...

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