Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Excusable terrorism

I found this editorial from Boston Globe only yesterday. On July, 11, 2006 the editor of the newspaper commented on the death of Shamil Basayev. I think it’s a good example of how lies, distortions and double standards come together. After Beslan it became really difficult for mainstream newspapers to write about Basayev and other freedom fighters in Chechnya. The BG editor wriggles but still the point is evident – there are bad terrorists and there are excusable terrorists depending on whom they fight. One line from the editorial:

There can be no excuse and no justification for Basayev's targeting of innocent civilians. But Putin's re conquest of Chechnya has been no less vicious to innocent civilians.

That’s right. There can be no excuses and also no justifications for “buts”. When you use “buts” you mean that the previous sentence is simply a ritual. If there were less “buts” in helping bin Laden fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan there would’ve been less surprises why this “friend of America” hates America so much. For people like Basayev or bin Laden there could be no friends among infidels – only idiots who support them politically, with money, or with weapons and who are spared for the time being.
The Boston Globe editorial tells the usual Chechnya story – Basayev was a good freedom fighter but then Russians were so bad that he had no choice but to become a terrorist and start killing Osetian schoolchildren.
Here’s a phrase about the first Chechnya war:

In that war, Basayev took part in the defense of the Chechen capital, Grozny. Journalists saw no traces of the remorseless savagery or the Islamist fanaticism that were to characterize his behavior in later years.

The editor forgot about Budenovsk that happened in 1995 when Basayev took a hundred pregnant women hostages but the editor is not lying. In fact “journalists saw no traces of the remorseless savagery” in Budenovsk. In 1995 I saw live report from Budenovsk on CNN. Then I, like most of Russians, believed that Western journalists are unbiased. What I saw was a shameless show of hypocrisy. An anorexic blonde about 25 years old is reporting live, “We see women in windows of the hospital, Chechen gunmen are shooting, Russian soldiers taking positions. I only hope that Russians don’t start shooting at women but Russians are known for their savagery”. I gasped. Basayev’s gunmen are using pregnant women as human shields but the blonde is worrying about Russian savagery. She goes on, “Kremlin calls this a terrorist attack but let’s listen to the other side.” Then goes a long interview with Basayev. Then an interview with a hostage – the woman tries to smile and says, “Chechens are very friendly, they give us food and water, they told us about their fight and now I truly believe that they only want freedom and all of us – there are about hundred Russian women here – support Chechnya independence and ask the government to stop the war”. And the blonde again, “What looks like a terrorist attack was actually a desperate act of Chechen rebels to gain freedom and now even Russians support them.” Probably even the CNN editors thought that the blonde’s report was a bit over the top because I never saw her again reporting from Chechnya.

Now back to the editorial:
He (Basayev) was a Chechen nationalist then and, like most Chechens, practiced a temperate, traditional form of Islam. He even ran in Chechnya's 1996 presidential election, losing to the moderate Aslan Maskhadov, whom he then served as prime minister for six months. That was a tragically brief era of independence, moderation, and democracy for Chechnya.

During this “tragically brief era of moderation” Chechnya was run by cave-age Sharia laws, there were at least two open slave markets, trading hostages became the biggest Chechnya industry, the country was ruled by warlords and Islamists. In fact the “moderation” was so high that every human rights organization or NGO left Chechnya for security reasons. They all came back in 1999 when the second war started. Under protection of Russian arms human rights defenders started doing what? Right – documenting Russian soldiers’ crimes that protected them from freedom-loving Chechnya gunmen. Not a single Western NGO in Chechnya did publish a single report on slave trading or hostage taking.

By 1999, when Basayev led a disastrous raid into neighboring Dagestan -- which Russia seized upon as the rationale for its second invasion of Chechnya -- Basayev had grown a long beard, come under the influence of the rabid Arab Islamist known as Ibn al-Khattab, and plunged into the terrorist maelstrom of beheadings, kidnappings, and hostage-taking.

The Boston Globe editor lies here – Basayev invaded Dagestan already with Khattab, already with a long beard and “the maelstrom of beheadings, kidnappings, and hostage-taking” started long before the invasion. When we cannot tell what is the cause and what is the effect, we would hardly understand the bin Laden syndrome.


Tim Newman said...

I broadly agree with your criticism here, Konstantin. There can be no equivocation when dealing with terrorists. Many of Russia's actions in Chechnya have been barbaric and inexcusable, but these in no way justify terrorism of the kind practiced by Basayev.

If it is any comfort, this moral equivalence or condemnations followed by "but" are not restricted only to discussion on Chechnya; witness the response from some quarters to 9/11, or take a look at the Western press coverage on Israel.

Thankfully, I think this line of reasoning is not as widespread as you think. The average American or Brit would not have agreat issue with the way Russia is dealing with Islamic terrorists as we are, after all, fighting the same enemy.

Kiffer said...

Certainly you are correct. There's no excuses for the radical actions taken by Basayev. The western media often ignores, or downplays the rebel attrocities which of course is hypocritical.

However, Russia was responsible for exaserbating both Beslan and the Moscow Theater seige. They have summarily executed prisoners, and massacred women and childeren.

Greg said...

The previous two posters (Tim and Kiffer) perfectly demonstrate just how ingrained, almost on the genetic level, is this attitude of westerners towards Russia, where “buts” must always be liberally used when trying to condemn a universal evil.

Hardly any of them would be caught saying something like this:

“There's no excuses for the radical actions taken by Abu al-Zarqawi.

However, USA was responsible for exaserbating the actions of Iraqi insurgents. They have summarily executed prisoners, and massacred women and childeren.”

Kiffer said...

I'm not defending American actions in Iraq. However, America has come under much just criticism for Guantanomo Bay, and Abu Garib. However, I won't say the United States massacared woman and childeren in Iraq. Nothing as bad as Aldy, had occured in Iraq.

La Russophobe said...

GREG: You are a fundamentally dishonest propagandist. The American press is FULL of questions about how American policy may have contributed to the terrorist acts of Osama bin Laden. It's the total absence of such questions in Russia that marks the country as a total failure, unable to secure peace in Chechnya after so many years.

KONSTATINE is no better, accusing the Boston Globe of "lying" when, at most, an inaccuracy has been made that could easily be unintentional. He engages in EXACTLY the same kind of propaganda he purports to condemn, which is why Russians can never be taken seriously when they raise issues of this kind. Konstantine states " Basayev invaded Dagestan already with Khattab, already with a long beard and “the maelstrom of beheadings, kidnappings, and hostage-taking” started long before the invasion" but he makes NO effort to document his claim, leaving his post just as empty and baseless as he accuses the Boston Globe of being.

Meanwhile, while Russians are protesting the outrageous acts of Chechen terrorists, where are there protests of the outrageous acs of their own soliders? Nowhere to be seen. Russia has just been convicted by the European Court of Human Rights of gross violations of international law, but Russians don't lift a finger to oppose these acts. America is bending over backwards to expose and confront illegal acts by American solidiers in Iraq, but in pathetic failed Russia we see only blind denial such as reflected by Konstantin's propaganda. No wonder Russia is such a total failure.

La Russophobe said...

To read about Russia's conviction for war crimes in Chechnya before the European Court of Human Rights, CLICK HERE

Tim Newman said...

The previous two posters (Tim and Kiffer) perfectly demonstrate just how ingrained, almost on the genetic level, is this attitude of westerners towards Russia, where “buts” must always be liberally used when trying to condemn a universal evil.

Posters like Greg perfectly demonstrate just how ingrained, almost on a genetic level, the inability to read somebody's post is.

For fuck's sake, read it again and you'll see that I have condemned Basayev's terror outright, with no ifs and no buts, and indeed I have made the same complaint you do: that too many people in the West follow such condemnation with "but".

Pietari said...

For LOL Russophuck to learn a little:

Roy Conrad- Grozny. A Few Days...

Russians! Don’t Leave, we need slaves!

Documentary testimonies of Russian genocide in Maskhadov Ichkeriya

Russia, Genocide
and the New World Order
by Mike from Dallas

Chechnya's Grimmest Industry

Pietari said...

Ahd here is a zio-american pro-terrorist front earlier known as

La Russophobe said...

PIETARI: You're the one you can't read you crude, pathetic little thug.

My point was that KONSTANTIN offered no evidence to support his claim that the Boston Globe had "lied" only his unsupported claim, making him just as bad as he claims they are.

All the Globe said was that sometime between 1996 and 1999 Basaev underwent a change of heart, having been provoked by the Kremlin.

DISHONEST, LYING Gregg says America doesn't make such observations about anti-American terrorists. THAT is a lie. Here is the proof, form one of America's MOST POPULAR blogs, the Huffington post:

Your evidence does not say ONE SINGLE THING about Basayev engaging in terrorist outrages before 1996. The Globe's statement is perfectly accurate, and you are just spewing the same sort of ridiculous propaganda that made the whole world laugh at the USSR and made it disaappear from the face of the earth.

Utterly lame. Accusing others of lying while doing exactly that yourselves. Classic insane Russophilia. Doomed to failure.

Pietari said...

You are pathetic zio-American neocon.

What was that?

"Shamil Basayev, Lom-Ali Chachayev, and the group's leader, Said-Ali Satuyev, a former airline pilot suffering from schizophrenia, hijacked an Aeroflot Tu-154 plane,, en route from Mineralnye Vody in Russia to Ankara in Turkey on November 9, 1991, and threatened to blow up the airplane unless the state of emergency was lifted. The hijacking was resolved peacefully in Turkey, with the plane and passengers being allowed to return safely and the hijackers given safe passage back to Chechnya."

The Chechens' American friends

The Washington neocons' commitment to the war on terror evaporates in Chechnya, whose cause they have made their own,3858,5010448-103677,00.html

Pietari said...

A Liberal Guide to Better Understanding Freedom Fighters

At this very moment it is too early to know the precise number of hostage takers killed or captured.

In any case, it is important to keep some simple liberal rules in mind just in case one or more freedom fighters survived the attacks by the Russian police and were taken into custody:

1. We may not condone their killings - if there were any at all -, but we have to look for the root causes for a better understanding of their behavior. Were they inconvenienced in practicing their religion? Delays during rush hour in Chechnya? Election losses? Only if we know exactly what drove these young men and women to their somewhat regrettable actions can we make a final judgment.

2. Avoid the term "terrorists" for the hostage takers by all means. They have families with mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and it would be a great disservice for them to have their relatives labeled with derogative terms.

3. The hostage takers have full rights for proper legal procedure. They should be assigned the best lawyers available, preferably from France or Germany. Both countries have a proud tradition of setting proven terrorists free, either as a result of faulty court hearings or by giving in to blackmail.

4. It must be investigated in full detail if Putin is behind the hostage taking. He has every interest in the world to appear as a hardliner, and he desperately needed another victory over Chechnyan freedom fighters. While this is only a non-confirmed hypothesis so far, we have not heard any rejection of it from official Russian government sources - which is quite telling in itself, of course.

5. There can be no - repeat: NO - capital punishment for the hostage takers. Capital punishment is a cruel and inhuman act that violates the human rights of the accused.

6. We request that an internationally reputable organization such as the Red Cross be permitted to monitor conditions and report cases of abuse and torture in the prison where the hostage takers are held.

7. Free flow of information between the imprisoned hostage takers and their peers from Al Qaida must be permitted at all times. Access to telecommunications and the internet must be guaranteed.

8. The search for a political solution of the conflict is imperative. Meetings between representatives of the Russian government and the hostage takers, under the supervision of the United Nations, are the only way out of the crisis. The cycle of violence has got to stop!

We will keep you posted on any human rights violations by the Russian government. The hostage takers deserve a fair and transparent legal procedure.

You may throw up now...

La Russophobe said...


You are such an imbecile that you don't even read your own text.

YOUR text says: "The hijacking was resolved peacefully in Turkey."

PEACEFULLY, you moron. The crude violance came LATER, AFTER the provocation by Russia. Your own "proof" proves how wrong you are and that it is KONSTANTIN, not the GLOBE, who is the OUTRAGEOUS LIAR.

Pietari said...

You've a lard instead of brains, dumb redneck yank.
In 1991 Basayev hijacked the Russian airplane and threatened to blow up the airplane together with passangers. Doesn't it remind you something like 9-11, pizdabol?
If not than how would you name Saudi Freedom Fighters if the Flight 93 hijacking resolved peacefully somewhere in Venezuela or Iran?

La Russophobe said...

PIETARI: The point is that THREATENING is not the same is DOING. Nobody is mad at Basayev because he THREATENED to kill people, they are mad because he DID it.

The whole POINT of the Globe comment was that Basayev only THREATENED before Russian provocation, then DID after. Yet, Konstantin LIES BRAZENLY without ANY SOURCING, in his usual empty-headed, propagandistic manner, and says that the Globe was lying.

This is why nobody takes Russians seriously.

Big Black Bear said...

La CTO XYEB Russophobe:

I am sure THREATENING becomes DOING once the plane is turned around. If you were on the plane -- you'd in a heartbeat would want the fuckers who made it happen to be behind bars for a long time (of course, Russian planes/lifes are not nearly as important).

Back to the original point though: there is only one reference to "Globe's lying" in Konstantin's post -- when he cites BG pretending that the fact that "Basayev had grown a long beard, come under the influence of the rabid Arab Islamist known as Ibn al-Khattab, and plunged into the terrorist maelstrom of beheadings, kidnappings, and hostage-taking" was somehow a doing of the Russian second compain (or of Russia's actions in general). I see no contradiction in what Konstantin said -- all of the above was a product of independence (mostly from the rule of law).

What are you trying to prove, LR? That Russians made Basaev do the things he did? Who the fuck cares? He DID them.

La Russophobe said...

BIG BLACK: The point that the Globe is making is that Russia totally failed to make peace in Chechnya despite years and years of trying. It continues to experience terrorist attacks on its soil because of that. Russia has provoked the Chechens with gross abuses of human rights that have been documented by Amnesty International and recently resulted in a conviction by the European Court of Human Rights. That's not lies, that's the truth.

Konstantin accused the Globe of lying wihtout citing ONE SINGLE SHRED of published evidence to support his claim. To say the least, the Globe's credibility exeeds that of Konstantin, and only a truly crazed Russophile whack job would fail to realize that. Therefore, Konstain had an obligation to source his claim and failed to do it. It is the HEIGHT of DISGUSTING HYPOCRISY to accuse someone of lying without sourcing proof yourself.

Konstantin said that the Globe said that Basayev only became a maniac after 1996. He said that there was evidence he did so BEFORE that, yet Konstantin gave NO EVIDENCE to support this, only is own totally unsupported word. It's the most shoddy type of blogblabber imaginable, far beneath the standards of the Globe. If Konstantin can't source his facts, the he has no right to attack the Globe.

Greg said...

Kiffer: your naivet? is not endearing. Read up on the current events, or, if you choose to disbelieve that information, think of all the “collateral damage” before you rationalize any further.

La Russophobe: it may be hard for you to understand that in the last 15 years so much has happened in Russia that most Russians find it hard to keep up and would just like to finally be left alone with their private problems; even though, the Russian press and internet are full of debate and soul-searching on the subject of Chechen wars. Your inability to examine or participate in this discussion due to either language barriers or other personal problems is no excuse for sweeping generalizations that are so prevalent in your postings. On topic: your profound misunderstanding of the subject at hand is typical and marks you as a total failure as a human being.

Tim Newman: I understand your frustration and apologize if I misread your statement (and you’ve made your meaning abundantly clear in your follow-up). However, stating in the same paragraph both the condemnation of Basaev and the assessment of reprehensible behavior of some Russian troops looks like an implied “but”. It’s an emotional “but”, but then the subject matter is laden with heavy emotions. (I know, that’s a lot of buts in one paragraph)

Big Black Bear said...

LR: You keep on pounding on that sourcing proof but I am not sure what one needs except facts so well know that it is becide the point to mention specifics. However, let me reduce the lie and the accusation of a lie to fewer words (than in the original) so it is crystal clear (omissions employed in a way so as not to change the meaning).

A lie: "By 1999, ... Basayev had ... come under the influence of ... Ibn al-Khattab, and plunged into the terrorist maelstrom of ... hostage-taking."

Evidence that above is a lie: Basaev did not plunge into hostage-taking by 1999, he embarked on the path of a large scale terror against civilians long time before that -- events in Budyonnovsk, June 1995 are well-known and hardly need a mention (you don't need SOURCING for that, do you? -- how well do you know the events that changed Russia in the past decade?).

Events of 1991 mentioned by Pietari (way-way before 1999 or 1994-96 war or the death of the 11 family members) are also large scale "hostage-taking", although as you said those hostages lived (an irrelevant fact as far as "hostage-taking" is concerned, perhaps, you'd also say that Budyonnovsk isn't a big deal either since most of the 1600 hostages lived?).

Moreover, for anyone who followed the developments in the period of the independence of Chechnya, the hostage taking and slave trade were the elephants in the room (missed by the likes of BG of the same period) - only a novice to the subject wouldn't know that. Are you a newbie? Then, perhaps, a more polite request will see a reference (quite a few were given, though, by Pietari).

So when you say "Your evidence does not say ONE SINGLE THING about Basayev engaging in terrorist outrages before 1996" it is like asking for proof that Mexico is actually to the south of the border - well, yeah, we can pull out the map, but can we talk about anything serious in "geography" with someone asking for that?

The point of the Globe article is not "that Russia totally failed to make peace in Chechnya despite years and years of trying". The point the Globe makes is that Basaev is a good terrorist.

On a broader issue: LR, you are often right about the data: Russia is a poor, backward country with underfunded brutal military. These are facts, why belabor them? The real question to ask is this: imagine that you had a misfortune to be born in that malfunctioned state AND you found yourself together with other white-skinned people being sold on Grozny's slave market by darker-skinned people. Imagine that you ran away from your master and pleaded with the "peaceful" people in some village for help, who then ... promptly returned you to your righful owner. All of this -- at the end of the XX century. Now, what would YOU want your bad and inept goverment to do? They haven't got the resouces or another army. Would you be OK to keep the things the way they are, would you fault your government for trying to put an end to YOUR nightmare?

The Chechens did succeed in one thing though: the territory (can't call it a republic - the term vis-a-vis Chechnya is laughable) has been ethnically cleansed from the Russians (and other non-Chechens). Where Milocevic failed Mashadov succeeded. You give too much credit to the social structure of that land -- you probaly think of the population of Rhode Island when you read "Chechnya." Well, the major difference is that RI is ruled by law and Chechnya is ruled by clans. The latter means that allegiances by blood supercede those to the country and the law. Read up.

La Russophobe said...


You, like Konstantin, have grossly mischaracterized the content of the post editorial.

The full statement is:

"He (Basayev) was a Chechen nationalist then and, like most Chechens, practiced a temperate, traditional form of Islam. He even ran in Chechnya's 1996 presidential election, losing to the moderate Aslan Maskhadov, whom he then served as prime minister for six months. That was a tragically brief era of independence, moderation, and democracy for Chechnya. By 1999, when Basayev led a disastrous raid into neighboring Dagestan -- which Russia seized upon as the rationale for its second invasion of Chechnya -- Basayev had grown a long beard, come under the influence of the rabid Arab Islamist known as Ibn al-Khattab, and plunged into the terrorist maelstrom of beheadings, kidnappings, and hostage-taking."

In the classic manner of a propagandist, Konstantin separates these two statements in his post so that the readers loses track of them. He doesn't simply let the reader read the editorial as it was written.

The Globe said that SOME TIME BETWEEN 1996 AND 1999 Basayev moved from a more reasonable path to the extreme terrorism that killed him, and that outrageous Russian misconduct was partly to blame for causing this movement. The Globe did NOT say that Baseyev NEVER engaged in acts of terrorism before 1996, it said that his conduct was much more reasonable before then and the acts were much more infrequent.

You give NO SOURCE to back up your statement that BASAYEV was involved in terrorst acts in June 1995. You give no specific details about what he allegedly did, and you make no attempt to compare the level of his terrorist activity before 1996 with that after 1999. There's no doubt that CHECHENS engaged in terrorism in 1995, but we're talking about BASAYEV. Cite a news report fro ma credible source discussing BASAYEV'S terrorist actions in 1995. Cite a credible report comparing the level of Basayev's terrorist actions in 1995 compared with 1999. If Konstantin were at all responsible or commited to accuracy or scholarship, he would already have done this for you; it's the hallmark of his shoddy blog that such sourcing is always absent from it.

Without this information, all you are doing is repeating the outrageous propaganda spewed out by a totally authoritarian regime in the Kremlin WHICH WAS JUST CONVICTED BY THE EUROPEAN COURT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. You educate nobody, teach nobody, convince nobody, and hurtle down the road to failure just like the USSR.

Big Black Bear said...


To "Cite a news report from a credible source discussing BASAYEV'S terrorist actions in 1995" is not "education" -- it is taking care of abject "illiteracy". It is not MY responsibility, or Konstantin’s or anybody else’s, YOU have to rise up to the (somewhat trivial) level of discussion.

For example, you say “… all you are doing is repeating the outrageous propaganda spewed out by a totally authoritarian regime in the Kremlin WHICH WAS JUST CONVICTED BY THE EUROPEAN COURT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS” and I am not going out of my way to demand evidence for the last assertion, b/c I would look like a damn fool, since it was all over the news.

As for the propaganda, I have one advantage over you – I actually have had first hand experience reading Pravda editorials – that piece in BG gave me deja vu...

La Russophobe said...

BIG BLACK: I cannot prove a negative. I am not aware of any evidence of Basayev personally involved in terrorist killings in 1995 or before, much less any evidence that he was engaged in in on the same scale as in 1999 and afterwards. You have produced NOT ONE SINGLE SHRED of such evidence despite claiming that it is common knowledge and therefore should be easy to get. You've been called on the carpet and have failed to deliver, just as I knew you would.

Konstantin HAS the responsiblity to document a claim that one of the world's most respected newspapers is LYING. The fact that you don't see that well explains why Russia continues to hurtle down the road to total failiure.

La Russophobe said...

And by the way, just to be clear, the word "lying" means not merely that the Globe's statement was inaccurate, but that it KNEW it was inaccurate when it wrote it. To say nothing of having no evidence of inaccuracy. Konstatin certainly has none of knowledge. His statement is wildly irresponsible, unscholarly, ignorant and the height of hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...


You are such an asswipe... Here...

This took all of 5 seconds. What are other facts of life do you wish to be spoon-fed?

La Russophobe said...


"You are such an asswipe... Here..."

Wow, you've reallyp put me in my place with that erudite remark. I can see now how wrong I was and how smart and educated you are my comparison.

Sounds just like the way a terrorist would talk, you crude little thug.

By the way, in case you are interested in facts (which I'm sure you are not), if you actually go so far as to READ what I wrote above, you will see that I ADMITTED you can point to individual acts of terrorism by Basayev pre-1996. The Globe didn't dispute that either. That is not the POINT. What I said, and what the Globe said, if you care at all, was that the TOTAL AMOUNT OF VIOLENT TERRORIST ACTIVITY by Basayev before 1996 was much lower than that after 1999, and the reason for the escalation was Russian provocation. The article you point to deals only with one event, just before 1996. What's more, Wikipedia is not exactly the most compelling authority in the world, but then not being very well educated I guess that comes as knews to you.

Can you come up with published article from the serious press analzying Basayev's pre-1996 and post-1990 activity and showing that the are the same? After all, being so brilliant that you got the first one in fives seconds, it should be easy for you, right?

When will you Neo-Soviet stooges realize that you can't just go around calling people "liar" by inventing things you want them to have said and then proving that to be wrong? Wasn't the failure of the USSR enough to show you that doesn't work?

Pietari said...

How many LOL Russophucks live in a Yankeeland?
Until they alive my "AK-74's 'magazine' is loaded.

2 Августа- День ВДВ.
Парни выпейте за нас грамм 200, а лучше 500,- нам будет приятно.

Десант- ВПЕРЁД!

La Russophobe said...

PIETARI's resonse above shows just how wrong it is to have a negative view of Russians and those who support them. Why, just look how intelligent and reasonable and prodcutive it is. OMG, I've been so wrong about the Russophiles! I apologize! Thanks for showing me how wrong I was Pietari!

Pietari said...

LOL Russophuchka,

I've only one question- why is your avotar- Dostoevsky?
- he was a Russophile
- he was an antisemite
- he was a Poland-hater..

Why is he?

La Russophobe said...

PIETARI: I'll be happy to answer you, and educate you about Russian culture, since you obviously know nothing about it.

Dostoevsky criticized Russia very strongly, and as a result he was arrested by the Tsar's secret police and sent to a work camp, much the same thing that happened to Solzhenitisn. At one point, brave Russians put Dosteovsky up against a wall and in front of a firing squad.

You're quite right that Dosteovsky was a great Russian patriot, and to thank him for that Russians tried to kill him, just like they have done with virtually every true patriot in Russia's history. Those are the people who bravely step forward to criticize the failed policies of Russia's insane and incomptent government and the outrageous laziness of its population.

Doestevsky was unafraid to speak the truth to Russians and bear the cost. in other words, he was just like La Russophobe.

But a coward like you would never understand.

Pietari said...

Read my lips, yankee cow. I did asked you a question but you bitchy shit again falled into russophobic sophisticated reasoning. Just answe my question above.

P.S. And tell us about your failed love affair in Russia that brought you to russophobizm.

P.P.S. 15-inch Russian dick ;) Will it cure you?

La Russophobe said...

KONSTANTIN: Thanks for tipping me off to this wonderful editorial and giving me the chance to praise it on my blog while exposing your outrageous Russophile lies. To read the post, CLICK HERE

Without your help I might easily have missed this editorial and it could have been forgotten.

La Russophobe said...

PIETARI: Wow, your erudite discourse really proves how well educated and cultured Russian people are. I was so wrong about them!!

Doestevsky loved Russia so much that Russia sent him to a work camp and nearly killed him. La Russophobe loves Russia just the same way.

Compared to Vladimir Putin's racism, Dostoevsky loved Jews and Poles more than Russians. Compared to modern Russians, Dostoevsky is Mohandas Gandhi. Compared to a crude racist thug like you, he's Jesus Christ.

Granted, being Russian, he had serious flaws. But beggars can't be choosers where Russia is concerned.

La Russophobe said...

Oh yeah, PIETARI, one other reason I have Dostoevsky as my avatar which I forgot to mention -- it drives Russophile slobs like you right up the wall, and that delights me to no end.

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Valtrex herpes medication is an antiviral agent used to treat shingles (herpes zoster) or genital herpes. This drug can also be used for cold sores herpes simplex. Valtrex possible side effects: Nausea, vomiting, headache, loss of appetite, weakness, stomach pain or dizziness may occur the first few days as your body adjusts to the drug.
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