Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Again on NGOs in Russia

It was a real surprise to find an unbiased and balanced opinion on the Russian NGOs bill. Here's an article by Mary Dejevsky from "Open Democracy".

The desire to prevent foreign governments from using aid organisations and other NGOs to exert influence on domestic policy is the chief motivation for similar legislation that exists in several southern African countries, including South Africa. The registration of NGOs (mandatory or voluntary), the filing of accounts, and the exclusion of all political activity are among the requirements.
It is worth noting that in reporting this state of affairs in southern Africa, Human Rights Watch adopts a neutral, uncensorious tone. Russia’s proposed law, in contrast, has drawn a response verging on the hysterical. Is this another example of the
double standard the west seems so often to apply to Russia, or is it rather that Russia’s draft law on NGOs is seen not as an isolated bill meeting a particular need, but as part of a wider illiberal and retrograde trend?


nx-01 said...

There weird thing is that countries that do this seem to really believe they can help foreign countries to improve (by improve, it's meant 'be more like them')

All of this while never really understanding another culture well enough to make a proper decision about whether that country 'needs' to be more like them. It's kind of sickening.

Nice blog by the way!

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