Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Is AIDS a Scam?

kurtkilgor commented on my post Is AIDS a Hoax?

Read this for an explanation of why the virusmyth site is at the least worthless, if not harmful: http://www.anaesthetist.com/icu/infect/virus/dues2.htmTo summarize, The central claim of the virusmyth-ologists is that nobody has proved that HIV causes AIDS. But the scientific method does not demand absolute proof of a theory -- it only demands that there is no DISproof. And there has not been found a substantial population of people suffering from AIDS who do not have HIV or some other known ailment such as congenital immunodeficiency.

Kurt is quite right when he says that the scientific method does not demand absolute proof of a theory – it only demands that there is no disproof. Carl Popper is one of my favorite philosophers and I also support his falsification methodology.

The problem is that AIDS theory is not falsifiable. It means that virus-ologists can not and will not state under what experimental conditions they would agree that they were wrong. The reason – AIDS theory is logically inconsistent. It says there is a strict causal connection that goes: HIV – immune deficiency – death. But people don’t die from AIDS. Their deaths are caused by innumerable mortal diseases caused mostly by immune deficiency. The most common is pneumonia.

Thus the logic of virus-ologist is shaky. When a person dies from pneumonia and he wasn’t HIV infected they say, “Pneumonia was the cause”. But if a person was HIV infected they say, “AIDS was the cause”. It’s impossible to falsify AIDS theory. Ergo, this theory belongs to the realm of pseudo-sciences.

Looking at the problem from strictly logical position we can (and should) treat equally several approaches in the causal sequences:

1. HIV – immune deficiency – death,
2. Immune deficiency - HIV (a harmless satellite virus) – death
3. HIV (harmless until...) - immune deficiency - HIV (make the deficiency worse) - death
4. Immune deficiency – HIV (a virus that actually HELPS fighting deficiency) – death
5. Immune deficiency – death.
plus any other possible combination.

Now if someone thinks that scientists work in all five directions he is absolutely wrong. All efforts are directed on sequence #1 plus some research on sequence #5 (as a helping tool for #1). All other possibilities are treated as malicious a priori and any scientist who makes an attempt to research #2, 3 or 4 is immediately ostracized. Peter Duesberg is one among the hundreds.

At the same time: (1) there are thousands who live with HIV for 10, 15, 20 years and die from causes that have nothing to do with AIDS and (2) the vast majority of AIDS victims are junkies but drugs abuse always destroys immune system.


W. Shedd said...


By this logic, pneumonia doesn't cause death - not breathing causes death. Or said better, lack of oxygen. The fact that pneumonia caused the lungs to not work properly, because they are filled with fluid, was not the actually cause of someone dying .. it was the lack of oxygen. And trying to prove that one caused the other, scientifically ... without a shadow of a doubt ... is more difficult than it would seem at first glance. But we accept it because it has not been disproven. In fact, it is credible and repeatable to the point of being factually.

This makes as much sense as saying that AIDS doesn't cause death, but the diseases that arise from having Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (let's not forget what AIDS stands for, it is important in this case) are what kill you.

Your so-called facts about people living with HIV for 10, 15, 20 years ... are only true for people who are undergoing treatment to suppress the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. A famous case in-point would be "Magic" Johnson here in the US. I defy you to show documented cases of HIV infected people who live so long without any treatment.
Even if people eventually learn to live with the virus, it doesn't prove that HIV does not cause AIDS .. consider smallpox in the New World as an example. People evolve an ability to carry a disease over time, without being affected by it. Europeans brought the disease with them, without themselves being killed by smallpox. Native Americans who had not been exposed to this disease were quickly ravaged by smallpox. Tuberculosis would be another case of a virus that many humans carried but were not killed by ... while others died rather quickly from it.

Your second so-called fact about the vast majority of AIDS victims being junkies is just ludicrous. According to this logic, Africa is just full of junkies and children who are junkies, dying of AIDS. Yep, all these people who can barely afford shelter and food, are shooting up and killing themselves.


Next you'll be writing about Zionists plots and the Holocaust myth. Or perhaps you'll reiterate the theory that 9/11 was a hoax, the planes were radio-controlled, all the Jews in NYC knew it was coming, and the US government orchestrated it all. Or maybe you've already done that and I just missed that post.

Maybe you should check this guy out ... he's full of crackpot ideas also.


Anonymous said...

Good call, Shedd.

That's one excellent website: we need truth like that to become more mainstream.

Ti Alan Chase said...

aliveandwell.org is a great site which documents cases of people who live healthy lives with HIV because they do not take any anti-HIV drugs.

Woodchopper said...

I have read similar comments but remain unconvinced. As Shedd points out they often rely upon faulty facts or reasoning. There are not millions of drug users in Africa who suffer from AIDS. A viral infection seems to be a much more likley explanation.

Also the existence of people who live with AIDS without dieing for long periods does not mean that the condition isn't deadly. My step-grandfather had cancer for many years before he died of another illness. Does that mean that cancer doesn't exist? Of course not. Just that in his case the cancer wasn't very aggressive.

Likewise with AIDS, some people may be able to cope with a comprimised immune system better than others. There may be better treatments than the drugs, but that doesn't mean that the condition doesn't exist.

Yes, copanies make millions out of AIDS, but they also make millions out of other disaeses. Do the existence of profits make cancer an illusionary disease?

If you want to be convincing, please think about your facts and reasoning before presenting them.

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