Thursday, December 29, 2005

Natural Gas Wars

Sean Guillory from Sean’s Russia Blog comments on current Russian-Ukrainian natural gas crisis. I like Sean’s blog and although I almost always disagree with his conclusions I find his analysis well-thought, deep and logical. But this time it seems to me that Sean is misinformed.

Sean writes,
But some will argue that the political independence Yushchenko’s government seeks from its eastern “big bother” means that it must also accept an end to economic dependence and pay natural gas prices closer to “market value.”

Ukraine was the first to demand from Russia at the start of 2005 to stop barter exchange (natural gas for transportation) and use market prices. Russia eagerly accepted the idea but it turned out very soon that Ukraine means: market prices for natural gas transportation but the price of the gas itself should be as in 2004 50 USD per 1000 cubic m.

Ukraine has continued to enjoy the Russian gas subsidies at a rate of $50 per 1,000 cubic meters, but a few weeks ago Gazprom upped the price to $160 to begin at the new year.

Sean! Not a few weeks ago but in March 2005! A few weeks ago Ukraine decided that it’s time to bring ‘glasnost’ to negotiations. They decided to play the political card hoping to find support in the US and in Europe. It made an impression that the price was upped just a month ago. That’s wrong.
I don’t understand why Sean used inverted commas with the word market value? Does it mean “so-called market value” or “would-be market value”? Actually an average European market price for natural gas is 432.57 USD per 1000 cubic m.

When Ukraine resoundly rejected this as blackmail, Gazprom raised the price again to $230 in retaliation.

Again wrong. Dmitriy Medvedev stated it very clearly that the price became 230 USD when Gazprom discovered that Ukraine started selling natural gas to Rumania for 260 USD. Ukraine buys gas from Russia for 50 USD and then sells it to Rumania for 260 USD. That’s what we call market economy!

If one thinks that this is simply Russia adjusting to the laws of supply and demand and is not punishment for Yushchenko’s independence, keep in mind that Belarus, which is soundly in Moscow’s political pocket, will continue to get gas for $46 per 1,000 cubic meters.

Sean forgot to mention economic reasons for this price. In exchange for discount Belorus handed over to Gazprom control over Belorussian pipelines. Sean should remember that the war between Belorus and Gazprom was also very intense and that Gazprom also turned off the gas tap for Belorus. Only that fact was ignored by Western commentariat as it distorts the image of Putin who always supports Belorussian dictator because for some irrational reasons Putin loves tyrants.

I think it’s just common sense – Gazprom doesn’t need Ukraine. Gazprom needs Ukrainian pipelines in order to lower political risks and to prevent Ukrainian government from stealing gas with impunity. The moment Gazprom gets Ukrainian pipelines; Ukraine gets the same price for natural gas as Belorus.

All in all, I think there's one simple way out from this crisis. As Ukraine became pro-Western and pro-NATO why the US and EU don't compensate Ukraine the price disparity. It's only 3,6 billion USD. What a good way to demonstrate support for Ukrainian democracy.


Slavito said...


Thanks for voicing what many of us noticed but were too lazy to start yelling about.

Just like in the old days, I want to say "I haven't read what that Sean guy wrote, but I think..." - yeah, I think he's just repeating the analysis of the mainstream (Western) press. Those guys are just LOOKING for ways to make Russia's (or Gazprom's - obviously nobody makes a difference any more) behavior sound really bad and bullying while refusing to give hard DATA on the subject. Why? Because they know - anybody with a brain will look at the numbers and say "Wait, but we're paying more! Hell, isn't EVERYBODY paying a lot more??? So, aren't Ukrainians actually being offered a good deal? Can this even be called bullying?"

No, no. This is not to be allowed. Europeans citizens need to think along the simple lines like this: Ukraine -good, democratic, reasonable, Russia- bad, undemocratic, menacing, and unreliable. So, the recipe adopted for press coverage seems to be this: fewer numbers, more adjectives. Color Russia the agressor and Ukraine the victim. The only numbers allowed are those that show the increase from the previous year's price. All good propaganda techniques, but some of us actually read blogs. So, thanks.

Sean Guillory said...

Thanks for the corrections on the Gazprom-Ukraine situation. Am I misinformed? Perhaps. Wouldn't be the first time.

I do take exception that my comments are explicitly anti-Putin (Russia), or that Putin "loves tyrants." He does at least no more than say George Bush. If Gazprom wants to up their prices for gas, that is their perogative. The ones who will be hurt by this aren't the Ukrainian and Russian elite, but the consumers that will have to pay more for their gas.

But my larger point of that post concerns Illarionov and his charges that Russia is "corporatist" and that there is a decline in his ability to express his opinions openly. Russia is hardly unique in this. I don't see any difference between how US corporations handle their business than Russian ones do. The Griffen case involving the possibily the CIA and US oil corporations giving bribes to Kazakh officials certainly shows this. And as far as Putin punishing his own officials for public statements or other states, I can give you a long list of this behavior by the American government. So in my opinion it doesn't matter what state does this stuff--they all exercise power to their advantage and the ultimate losers in all this are the average person who is just going about his or her life. The excereise of power, after all, is the point of global capitalism. Yeah, the system may be in part predicated on the so-called benign forces of suplly and demand, but it is even more based on fierce competition for maximum profit that requires the use of power to win over your opponent.

As I ended my post, and ask again: "can someone explain to me the difference between what Russia is doing to the Ukraine and [the Griffen case]? I guess that in many ways Illarionov’s charges of “corporatism” can be applied elsewhere as well, leaving Russia more in line with the rule, rather than the exception."

That being said, thanks again for the criticism.

Anonymous said...


uh... my mom worked for an oil-gas company long time in turkmenistan and my step father was high ranked russian official(at least he knew Miller(Gasprom CO or whatever) personaly). So they told me that its a well known fact... uh... that Ukraine was buying gas from Russia and Turkmenistan for cheap and selling it EU four-five times more expensive. Well so now its a main reason of this conflict.

Peter said...

While it is essential that the figures and dates should be correct in formulating any argument, it is also imperative that we don't lose sight of the bigger picture.
Konstantin, wen you say that Gazprom doesn't need Ukraine, but just its pipelines, you are being willfully inaccurate. The Russian establishment, of which Gazprom is a vital agency, has every wish to see Ukraine return to its heel. It is perfectly correct to say that the pricing war is about geopolitics, though I think speaking about neo-imperialism is not very helpful. Sean's premises are wrong, but your conclusions are similarly far off the mark.
That said, I am concerned at the zero-sum game strategy being employed in the mediation process. I agree that if the EU is keen to enable Ukraine's future sustainability it should provide short-term assistance. Ultimately, the gas we are talking about is destined for Europe anyway, a fact that Yekhanurov underlined by threatening to appropriate a portion of the transiting gas as payment for services.

ulrich speck said...

You cannot discuss those matters without taking into account that Gazprom has become a main foreign policy instrument in the hands of Putin. The Kremlin perceives Ukraine and Belarus as its sphere of influence, and uses it's natural ressources as a tool to put pressure on independent governments. Unfortunately, the EU is not prepared to help Kiev to maintain it's independence, so Ukraine is all alone in it's struggle. I agree that the EU must step in to assure Ukraines independence, as it is in Europes interest to have a stable, liberal Ukraine as its neighbour, instead of a Russian satellite state like Belarus.

W. Shedd said...

"It's only 3,6 billion USD. What a good way to demonstrate support for Ukrainian democracy."

Great idea. I am sure that the US would love to put 3.6 billion dollars into Putin's pocket (ultimately this is where the money lands). After all, the Russian government has been very helpful with Iran lately. They should be rewarded.

I think you are twisting facts to support a point of view that not even Russians believe. I am sitting at a table of Russians in Rostov V. right now, and the all recognize that Russia is blackmailing Ukraine, seeking to bring that government to heel. In fact, they were rather gleeful that Russia is pushing around Ukraine. I think it is a typical Russian attitude, as many here are not pleased that Ukrainians would seek to govern themselves. And that is exactly how these Russians see Ukrainian behavior: they are being disrespectful towards Russia and should be punished for this fact.

Throwing out dates and who said what first and when only obscures the larger facts and Gazprom/Russian actions towards Ukraine, when given this golden opportunity.

Resale of gas and oil occurs everywhere in the world. It is nothing new and should not be perceived as such. Neither should it come as a surprise. Petroleum is a commidity (sp?) just like any other. Resale of petroleum products is a big business, not only for Ukraine.

konstantin said...

I don't get it. Russian economy should suffer so that Ukrainian independence would flourish?
Russen muessen sterben damit Deutsche leben?

Anonymous said...

"I don't get it. Russian economy should suffer so that Ukrainian independence would flourish?"

I don't get it either. Russian economy should suffer so that in Belarus (as one example) there was a marionette like Lukashenko presenting himself as a saviour of the nation? That's better, isn't it?

W. Shedd said...

I think Konstantin is misinformed, and not Sean Guillory. None of Konstantin's points reject or refute the assertion that the Russian government is using natural gas as a political tool to punish Ukraine. Every single Russian I spoke to over the last two weeks cheerfully acknowledges this tactic ... AND THEY LOVE IT! It has scored Putin big points among the Russian populace. Even Putin was smiling when he made his New Year's Day announcement.

All these other comments about "oh, should Russian economy suffer to help Ukraine" and such are purest nonsense. If there was a Russian in charge of Ukraine now, there would be no strong-arm politics occuring and Ukraine would continue to get very low-priced gas.

Certainly it is Gazprom's right to charge what price they wish for their natural gas. But it is pure revisionism to say that the timing of this is not a political tactic seeking to bring Ukraine to heel. I met no Russians over the last 2 weeks of holiday that didn't gladly acknowledge this.

Anonymous said...

To everybody who keeps comparing Ukraine to Belarus - please remember that Gazprom HAS REPEATEDLY OFFERED TO CONTINUE SUPPLYING GAS AT LOW RATES provided that Ukraine agrees to the same thing Belarus agreed to - give Gazprom shares in the country's gas transport company. Ukraine REFUSED.

In fact, it seems that Ukraine, not Russia, did everything in its power to provoke this crisis and is getting maximum political mileage from the turmoil. If it seems like Russia is punishing Ukraine - well, that's because Ukrainians (no doubt coached by their American PR consultants) chose to pitch it this way. That's all there's to it! They decided to play victim, and the press bought this crap - hook, line, and sinker.

HappySam said...

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yuvakuran said...

Russian Gas policy will create more nuclear and renewable energy projects to florish in the region. That is good. Every issue brings the countermeasures.

Anonymous said...


Excellent initial post. At least someone is well informed enough about the issue (and isn't just spouting off based on his holiday in Rostov!).

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