Friday, May 12, 2006

NY Secrets of Birth Rate Boost

New York Times (aka NY Komsomolets) published today an incredibly insightful editorial “Mr. Putin's State of the Union”. Here’s the most interesting part of it:

After the Soviet Union collapsed, some hoped that freedom would encourage Russians to multiply, but the dislocation and insecurity of the era have had the opposite effect. So the Russian population continues to dwindle, at the rate of 700,000 a year.

Mr. Putin proposes to address the problem with a wide range of subsidies and financial incentives, along with improved health care, a crackdown on illicit alcohol, improved road safety and the like. These are all useful goals, but they've been tried before, to no avail.

Perhaps another approach would be to see whether the population could be increased through improved democratic institutions. If corruption and greed among the elite were curbed somewhat, and if Mr. Putin started worrying less about throwing Russia's weight around and more about allowing a greater part of the population to share in the country's governance, riches, debates and dreams, maybe the drinking and poverty would give way to larger families. There's no guarantee, of course, but unlike the measures Mr. Putin outlined, this approach has never been fully explored.

Right! Nothing encourages unprotected sex and sobriety more than participating in elections or taking part in a democratic rally. Especially when it is hosted by Ms. Novodvorskaya. Did Mr. Editor offered this piece of advice to European nations? Seems like Albania was the only country that listened to him.


Anonymous said...

I would be very surprised if a jerk from the NewYorkTimes would teach something useful to Vladimir Putin on how to run his country, USA has no lesson to give to anyone basic education in US being nintendo type war games and internet porn, most Americans are uneducated ignorants not even knowing that BUSH(or TexanMafia) was installed there by a judge friend of the family Al Gore having 530,000 more votes, and they think USA is a democracy, where corruption is legal under the name of lobbeying and speculation, where Cheney "Halliburton" made billions of taxpayers money disappear.

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