Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Is Putin That Stupid. Part 2.

Not so long ago I wrote why the US Administration official at the Bratislava press conference was so outraged when Putin said (at a "private" meeting with Bush) - "А вы журналистов увольняете!"
Mark Ames this week wrote a very interesting and insightful (for many Russians) article on the same matter - "Dubleya Standards". Recommended for the guys who post comments on my blog, like "We have freedom, you don't".


Dixie said...

I did read, as you recommended, the Mark Ames article. I am amazed to see such an article as the one on the Pope's Death defended. It wasn't funny and had no redeaming qualities that I could see. It was offensive however, and offensive for no good reason. The politicians climbed aboard so that they could get political capital with those of their constituents who would be offended. If an editor wouldn't be fired for allowing a piece of trash such as that to be printed, then I cannot image a circumstance under which he would be fired.

Also, I note that Mark Ames spoke of "evidence" in the Dan Rather firing of "intentionally setting them up for false stories". What evidence? Another plot by Carl Rove or the "vast right wing conspiracy"? This is absurd.

I have no idea how much freedom there is in Russia. I was intrigued by the Putin remark, and so searched out a Russian blog for more information.

On censorship, it would seem that there is a body of thought which believes that once one becomes a "journalist" by receiving a degree or getting a job, you should be able to publish or broadcast anything, no matter how false, biased, outrageous, or just plain trashy, and you should continue to be able to do this and get paid for it, otherwise it is censorship.

Now I believe that anyone should be able speak and write what they please, but that does not guarantee that people are going to want to listen to it or read it. You have to find a way to please your "customers" in some regard, or you are going to be out of a job. This is true whether you are a journalist or a dishwasher.

I do not know whether people in Russia understand this distinction or not. You tell me.

jt said...

there is an informal censorship here in the good old u s of a
despite dixie's defense