Monday, March 28, 2005

Revolutionary Flora

"Rose Revolution" - Georgia
"Orange Revolution" - Ukraine
"Tulip Revolution" - Kyrgyzstan
Comming soon:
Uzbekistan - "Hemp Revolution"
Afganistan - "Poppy Revolution"


Alex Gusev said...

Belarus - Cornflower Revolution, of course.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remembers Portugal's 1974 Carnation (genuine) Revolution?

Mister Kiffer said...

Lebanon's recent Cedar Revolution.

two-zero said...

Hello Konstantin,

thanks for linking to Cyber-Generation. Whenever I get a chance I read your thoughts.

While I am more focusing on lifestyle and the new Russian society, you are more into politics, as I see. Wish I'd have more time and I'd participate more, because I am very interested in the global politics as well and especially Russia and the East since I am currently living here.

My guess is, that there will be more flowery Eastern revolutions in the near future. The US Government and the EU have economical and geostrategic interests here and besides, nobody on the globe wants some new strong Russia nation anymore.

But no worries, you guys have the oil (among other goods) and therefore the power, but it will most likely stay in the hands of a few people and it seems the EU and the US think its the wrong people, who are in charge now. They may favor some Oligarch types or their puppets. It seems a stronger nationalistic FSB figure makes them uncomfortable. Oh and by the way, sorry I forgot, Japan also has great interests in Russia's oil and Sibirian metals. But, they don’t seem to be politically active here, are they?

The US have learned from the past. I think the EU just jumps on the bandwagon and tries not to loose valuable territory in the East. We have entered a new era after the cold war, where these powers do not give weapons and money to rebels anymore in order to overthrow a government with violence, but they sponsor opposition activities in a vast range and help with propaganda advise and mayor funding. The US TV with all its beautiful rich people does the rest, to transport the American way of life and the American dream into the households of the people, who want to be a part of this dream.

Here is an interesting strategy paper, developed by some people who were funded by Germany's largest media corporation Bertelsmann (its in English).
Belarus Recommendations

According to the German Ambassador in Minsk this paper is OK and reflects a widely shared view by the EU member states and politicians (sorry I only have a German language Email from the Embassy about that).

By the way, a problem with Bertelsmann in Germany is that this company (which used to hold a large stack of AOL in the past) is not publicly traded on the stock market, but owned by a handful of private people. That's how far the independent media goes in Germany ;-) and a little insight about German Oligarchs, which may not be widely known but are in the top list of Forbes magazine as well.

Nevertheless, one of the next targets is Belarus and I believe not for economical interests, but because its just another milestone towards Russia.

I am really curious how it will go on and if the Russian people can resist the temptations of the American dream or they will become slaves to it like many others.



harvey said...

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