Monday, March 28, 2005

New Articles

Kirill Pankratov's new article "Perestroika-20: The Great De-Build-ing" -
The idea that Gorby's Politburo was thinking, "Oh, no, they are going to put lasers into space and shoot down all our missiles! We better give up and declare the end of Communism" is beyond preposterous. This could only occur to somebody completely ignorant of how the Soviet system worked. Since the Washington plutocracy was never short on ignorance, this is not particularly surprising.

Also, Gary Brecher (aka "War Nerd") knows how to use Okkam's Razor when dealing with Lebanon problems - "Lebanon II: Hezbollah Boom!"
It took the Israelis a while to realize what a disaster the invasion really was. Like us in Iraq, the first stage was such an easy victory that they thought they could do anything. Turned out that by booting the PLO out of Lebanon, they'd tilted the gang-bang balance in favor of the Shia, the newest, most ready-to-die gangbangers on the block. And the Shia didn't stop hitting the IDF until it abandoned its last "buffer zone" in South Lebanon in 2000.


Dixie said...

I read Perestroika-20, in my on-going effort to understand what happened to the Soviet Union and what is happening in Russia now. It did not enlighten me much, but I think you for the reference.

I appreciate your blog, you write very well. I am an ordinary U.S. citizen, age 64, who at various times in my childhood school days could be found hiding under my desk, as instructed by the teacher, during drills of what to do in case Russia launched an atomic attack. Imagine my shock
when things suddenly changed. No one predicted it. All those worldly-wise "Henry Kissenger types" were as dumbfounded as I was. I have yet to find any work which does explain it.

By the way,why do you call the U.S. government a "plutocracy"? Do you really believe this or are you just indulging in fashionable U.S. bashing? It is true that the rich, most of whom are better educated and clever, always assert themselves, be it in politics or a church picnic. But have you read anything of the personal backgrounds of Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton?

Mister Kiffer said...

Interesting articles. I'll agree withyour commentson Perestroika-20. It was not U.S. millitary intimidation Beauracracy or "Plutocracy," as you phrased it, that brought down the end of communism in the USSR but ultimatley just the simple failure of communism as an econimc system in Russia coupled with the political failures of Gorbachev.

BTW: Thanks for the reccomendation. I purchased some of Pelevin's short stories, 4 I belive the collection was tittled, and their quite interesting. He reminds me of Kaka and Bulgakov at the same time. I can safley say you havegoodtaste in litterature. Of course if you readrussian novels and short stories its hard to have bad taste.

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sarvpriya said...

since the putin government is in power russia is going through a lot of reforms.
anyways nice article.