Friday, March 04, 2005

Russian newspapers

"Russia's Fair and Unbalanced Newspapers" - a column by Anna Arutunyan from Moscow News. I like this part part of the story:

Later, another journalist friend gave a nice eulogy. "It's a common scheme.
Say, you start a magazine or a newspaper. Get a big loan for it.
A nice
office. Then you write bad stuff about Putin. Suddenly, the loan runs out and
the magazine closes. Then you can say that they closed you down because you
wrote bad stuff about Putin."

It should be added that this works with politics as well. The moment the ex-PM Kasyanov (aka "Misha two percent") sensed that the origin of his wealth (materialized two percent) attracts too much attention from the Office of Public Prosecutor, he immidiately became the leader of anti-Putin political opposition. Beware evil taxmen! The West won't fogive another crackdown on freedom fighters!


Anonymous said...

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Konstantin said...

I did.

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